By Alex Walker

Apple rumored to move into kitchen appliances sector

By Alex Walker

Following hot on the heels of Apple’s reported problems with over-heating Macbook Air laptops, whispers emanating from Cupertino suggest Apple intends to launch a surprise raid on the lucrative small kitchen appliances sectors.

iFry Personal GrillSources believe the vanguard will be lead by their new iFry Personal Grill — a compact, low-fat cooking device designed to take the appearance of a small notebook computer. “Fat is designed to run off and pool beneath the keys leaving the food low-fat and tasty” said one industry insider.

Although some industry analysts are predicting wok and fondue attachments due in the third quarter, at this time those reports are being consistently refuted by Apple management.

As always, Apple have added their own techy spin to the product designed to set it apart from competitors within the sector: the iFry is believed to be able to operate as a fully-fledged, Mac OS computer at lower temperatures.

P.S. This is a spin off from some very cheeky inter-office Mac vs PC banter and posted with tongue very firmly placed in cheek ;)

  • JediMasterXP

    A little early, not quite April 1st yet.

  • Come now Alex, a public forum is no place to air your personal issues. This is clearly a case of Reaction Formation. An example of Freud’s theory is when a “heterosexual” individual supports and maintains strong “homophobic” beliefs as a way to cover-up their deep-seated and often untouched homosexual desires. Similarly, you are clearly uncomfortable with the desires you harbor for the cutting edge, superbly designed and technically acclaimed suite of Apple products. Come out of the closet and celebrate Mac pride with those that are already liberated. Sure there will a litte pain if you are an early adopter but that’s nothing new for an IT pro such as yourself.

  • Alex,

    When you come into the office tomorrow your Windows box will be replaced with a very small shell script, perhaps with some kind of USB attachment, I haven’t decided yet.


  • I’m tossing up between the George Foreman and the Jobs iFry. Can anyone help?

  • Php_penguin

    Jules : your own post is a strong case of both “youwishism” and “barrackroompsychology”

  • XLCowBoy

    Apparently Microsoft is also branching out into Kitchen appliances, and in true anti-Apple “Top Trumps” fashion, they intend to break into the large kitchen appliances, specifically a very large Fridge powered by Vista.

    Rumors are stating that they intend to call it “iFreeze”.

  • @XLCowBoy: That’s complete nonsense. It’s not called iFreeze, it’s called Microsoft Freeze Premium Professional Edition, and I believe it is directly interoperable with PowerPoint.

  • If there was a blog post of the year voting system (where was that suggestion when I was trying to win a wii??), this would undoubtedly get my vote!

  • wwb_99

    Isn’t the frying surface on the bottom? It was on the last mac I had, and the boys have the scars to prove it.

    On MS: You need to get the Microsoft Kitchen Suite Professional Plus Edition, it includes Freeze as well as Fry, Bake and Steam premium editions. Plus PowerPoint of course.

  • jasongraphix

    I fully expected this to be a rumor about a wall-mounted touchscreen internet device. You know, with some snazzy iCook software that archives recipes, manages shopping lists and connects you to cooking videos through the itunes store. Disappointment. Sadness. Grief.

  • zuneone

    hehe – iFry very funny!

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