Apple Approves Firefox Home for the iPhone App Store

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It’s taken a few weeks, but Apple has finally approved Mozilla’s Firefox Home for App Store. That’s despite our recent poll which indicated 17% of cynical voters thought Apple would reject it!

Unlike Opera, Firefox Home isn’t a alternative browser, but iPhone owners who use Firefox on their desktop PC will be interested in the app. Effectively, Firefox Home is a free front-end synchronization widget for the iPhone’s native Safari browser. It’s a one-way version of Firefox Sync (previously known as Weave Sync) which transfers your bookmarks, history, and open tabs to your mobile.

To use Firefox Home:

1. Install Firefox Sync on your desktop PC
Install the Firefox Sync add-on in your browser. After restarting, you’ll have a new Sync tab in the Options dialog (you can also click the Firefox Sync “Options” button in the Add-Ons window).

Follow the wizard to create a new Sync account or specify an existing one. Note that you must (currently) choose Mozilla’s servers rather than your own. You can also select whether bookmarks, history, passwords, preferences and tabs are synchronized.

2. Install Firefox Sync on your Apple device
Firefox Home is available for the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with iOS 3.1 or later. Download it directly from the Apple App Store.

When the app is launched, you can enter your Firefox Sync account details and your chosen settings will upload to the device.

iPhone Firefox Home

iPhone Firefox Home

Mozilla provide a comprehensive Firefox Home set up instructions page should you run into trouble.

Most people have given a positive response so far, but what do you think? Have you installed Firefox Home? Does it work? Is it any good? Please cast your vote on the SitePoint home page and leave your comments below…

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