Anti-Phishing Toolbar

By Blane Warrene

Interesting tidbit that was Slashdotted earlier – Netcraft has released an anti-phishing toolbar that leverages the enormous database of web sites the organization manages.

It allows for reporting of fraudulent sites (which are reviewed by Netcraft prior to inclusion into a databases tracking phishers).

A Firefox version is under development, so it is only available for IE right now. I may just have to fire up Virtual PC and check it out.

They are offering to private label the toolbar for interested companies who want to distribute it under their own brand (I am sure for a cost).

  • R3YBPY

    No one really care much about getting alerts for every site they visit.
    What is needed is an alarm to sound only when it matters – before one is about to submit a form containing a password or a credit card number to a fraudulent site.

    A good tool would not rely on black lists since they are always (by definition) too late to stop new attacks.

    All this makes SignupShield (www.protecteer.com) a better choice.

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