Another 100 Free Adobe AIR Books: First In, Best Dressed!

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Adobe AIR For JavaScript DevelopersWe’re at it again.

If you missed your opportunity last week to pick up a copy of the excellent pocket guide, Adobe AIR For JavaScript Developers (that’s the dead-tree version), then now’s your chance to grab a copy again.

We just set live the second of Akash Mehta’s tutorials on building applications with AIR, Learn Adobe AIR, Part 2: Build A Customer Management App. This time round, Akash looks at expanding the user interface of an AIR-powered app, by exploring how to implement drag-and-drop and window management features. He also touches on menu construction and native window interaction. It’s all useful stuff if you’re experimenting with Adobe AIR development.

And once again, we have a quiz, so you can test how much of the article you absorbed. The first 100 people to complete the quiz will receive a free copy of the pocket guide, Adobe AIR For JavaScript Developers (once again, that’s the print version) delivered to your door.

Plus the book is still available as a free PDF download, so if you miss out on the print version, be sure to grab it in digital form. This free PDF offer is available until the end of October.

If you haven’t installed the AIR SDK, that’s probably a good place to start. Then once you’ve read the article, take the quiz and leave your details to score a freebie. Only the first 100 people!

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