Announcing Version 1.1 of CodeBurner: the Reference Tool for Firebug

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A new version of CodeBurner has been released. This release does not rely on Firebug — it’s a standalone extension, and for a limited time comes bundled with a free book! Grab yours now.

I’m very pleased to announce an update to our highly useful Firebug extension — formerly known as FireScope, now called CodeBurner.

We changed the name because FireScope is already used by another organization in this industry — and in order to avoid any confusion, we thought we’d make a fresh start. Shame, I quite liked the name, and it took us several iterations to come up with that one! Makes me sympathize with the Firefox developers, who went through several names before arriving at the current one (remember Phoenix, anybody?).


Now we have a name that we can stick to and won’t have to change again! You’ll see that we still have the same snazzy logo and typeface though, and of course, the extension itself remains as useful and flexible as ever. In fact, we’ve just released Version 1.1, a small but handy upgrade with great features like:

  • added support for Firebug 1.4
  • direct links to online references in code examples, enabling easier access to detailed information, and live demos (where applicable)
  • user-interface improvements
  • fixed error handling when attempting to view non-existent code examples
  • fixed support-level classes for internationalization

As you can see, the name may be different, but CodeBurner is still an incredibly useful extension for web developers interested in looking up syntax, browser compatibility information, and code examples for HTML and CSS. You can install the latest version from the extension’s homepage, at


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James is a freelance web developer based in the UK, specialising in JavaScript application development and building accessible websites. With more than a decade's professional experience, he is a published author, a frequent blogger and speaker, and an outspoken advocate of standards-based development.

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