Announcing the Winner of our Web Directions South Quiz

    Matthew Magain

    WDS09Our recent Web Directions South quiz was hugely popular, with hundreds of hopefuls testing their knowledge about the Web Directions conference series in the hope of winning a ticket to WDS ’09.

    To qualify for a free ticket, quiz-goers also had to provide a reason for why they felt they deserved the free ticket. Whilst the majority of reasons listed revolved around recurring themes (either heart-felt pleas of “because I’m poor” or the more standard brown-nosing, “because I love SitePoint”) there were a few entries that really stood out. The following folks receive a special mention for making us chuckle in the SitePoint office:

    Well, it’s this free ticket or selling organs on eBay to fund the trip, and my auction SEO needs work.
    — Wendy White

    Lonely, regional web nerd seeks large gathering of city web nerds to share ideas and drink beer with. Please help!
    — Cathy Lill

    I would swim from Dublin just to be there!
    — Matthew Bond

    WDS09 attendees may Bing conference details, I unfortunately, am stuck with Ging (Glenn Is Not Going), unless you can help?
    — Glenn Goodwin

    Been following and implementing the teachings and practices of many of the Web Directions people for ages … meeting the gods of the web would be like dopamine.
    — Maher Berro

    (I think Maher was trying to be funny? –Ed.)

    There were also a handful of plain weird entries that I feel obliged to share with you:

    I’d love to dip into this twirling sea which host these spirited rivers of ideas with crystal visions of future.
    — Shahroud Ghahani

    So even when I am old and fart dust, my web skills will leave marks!
    — Valeri Nikitin

    However, in order to impress us, you really needed to do something special. And there are few better ways to achieve this than by resorting to rhyme.

    We had quite a few rhyming entries, and the following folks all receive a special mention:

    Not on a very good wicket – need to put food in my mouth;
    Cannot afford a ticket – to attend WDSouth.
    — Caroline Clarke

    Because my answer
    Is in the form of Haiku.
    Sydney, here I come?
    — Mike Wisian

    In 2007 the mob ruled.
    In 2008 we got rick-rolled.
    In 2009 what to be?
    If I win I’ll see!
    — Nick Davies

    WDSouth, sup, yo, I represent, BrisVegas posse, of the web dev element, I need to up my skills, can you help me get with it? All I need, is one free ticket …
    — Ryan Blunden

    However, the following entry from Chris Simmons, from Adelaide, was our favourite:

    Ah wantz da flavas
    Of de info-seeking behaviours,
    The web social saviours,
    Progressive enhancement — mah total entrancement
    Yo Directions South, lotza mouth
    Yooz gotz to give me a shout
    Coz ah never gets out!
    — Chris Simmons

    Chris is a CMS administrator at Flinders University, and has never attended a Web Directions conference before (although he’d heard good things from a colleague who attended last year).

    For that literary masterpiece Chris will be receiving a free ticket to the Web Directions South ’09 conference in Sydney next month. The author of every other entry listed above will each receive as a consolation prize a PDF of their choice from the SitePoint library (I’ll be in touch with you to let you know how to claim your prize).

    Congratulations to Chris and to the other winners!

    Note: If you missed out, there are only 3 days left before the Web Directions South “Middle Bird” pricing offer runs out.

    The Web Directions team announced today that the discount period has been extended until September 14th.

    Enter the discount code of SITEPOINT to receive an extra $50 off your ticket.