By Andrew Neitlich

An easy way to determine the best marketing strategies

By Andrew Neitlich
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Here is an easy way for you to determine the marketing strategies that work best:

Take a look at the professionals you’ve hired recently, and figure out how you ended up hiring them.

In my case here are examples:


– Physical therapist for tennis elbow: Referred by a tennis buddy who raves about him.

– Production for website: Radio ad followed by referral from someone in the industry.

– Boxing photographer: Referral from someone in industry.

– Restaurant: Great review in paper.

– Accountant: Listed on website as Quickbooks expert, then I interviewed him about his other capabilities.

– Pool cleaner: Referred by my in-laws, who use him.

– Hair cut: Referred by my wife.

– Lawyer: Google search for local attorneys along with name recognition from advertising and news about them.

– Financial planner: Met him on the tennis court.

– Web designer: Listed in a marketing book with reference guide to top web designers who know what they are doing in selling info products.

So in my case, I conclude that referrals are key, as are online listings.

Obviously this is a simple and non-scientific analysis, but give it a try and see what you discover. What do you conclude about how you buy, and how you should market?

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