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By David Mytton

I was excited to read the AJAX: Usable Interactivity with Remote Scripting article by Cameron Adams in the hope of finding out out a lot more about AJAX, particularly how to actually use it! The article is very good, but is written as a usability guide rather than a technical howto about how to use AJAX within your own applications. Granted, I haven’t looked much, but tutorials for making use of AJAX with PHP seem to be lacking (do you know of any good ones?). So I went to Google and searched to see what I could come up with, hoping I’d find some kind of stuff Ruby has.

The first thing I came across was SAJAX which looks pretty good, although I didn’t stop to have a closer look. Next I found a PHPBuilder tutorial, which had some links in the comments, one of which was CPAINT.

I downloaded CPAINT because it looked very interesting and designed with PHP (and ASP) in mind. Reading the documentation that comes with the download, this does seem to be true. It even provides functions to generate the XML. It is certainly something I will look at again in the future if I ever decide to use AJAX. There are some people who think that AJAX is used too much!

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