Adobe previews incredible deblurring technology

By Joel Falconer
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Adobe has unveiled a mind-blowing technology at MAX 2011: a feature that de-blurs photographs, whether they’ve been taken by a shaky hand or are for some reason too soft, and restores them into sharp, clear images.

The demo that excited the audience the most was the restoration of blurry text on a poster into crisp, easily readable type.

The technology shown is a “sneak” and Adobe says that there’s no guarantee that a sneak will make its way into the next version of Photoshop or even the subsequent versions, but it is hard to see them leaving it out — that feature alone would probably move a tonne of product (and, being Photoshop, a tonne of torrents, too).

You can check out video of the demo in the YouTube clip below — which, ironically, could use some deblurring technology itself.

Via The Next Web.

We teamed up with SiteGround
To bring you the latest from the web and tried-and-true hosting, recommended for designers and developers. SitePoint Readers Get Up To 65% OFF Now
  • Ye Manuelo

    This new technology from Adobe is awesome. It would help in so many
    ways. Detecting criminals and pieces of important information from
    blurred images would be as easy as pie.

    I’m so impressed with Adobe and their mission to create great software’s with incredible and stunning technology features.

    I can’t wait to try my hands on this new feature and i believe my friends can’t wait either.

  • I have seen this talked about only a handful of blogs so far. The fact that Adobe has now made “ENHANCE!!!” real I am shocked, stunned and in disbelief that this has not blown up the internet yet.

    Regardless I am very very excited to see this feature in a future version of Photoshop. I just hope Adobe doesn’t make us wait and beg for years before they make it live.

    • Now that you mention it, I hadn’t even thought about the fact that this makes all those stupid, unrealistic cop shows that can magically enhance an image a little less stupid and unrealistic!

      • I always think the same thing. But let’s be clear here: This only corrects MOTION blur — NOT simple “autofocus”. Most blur these days IS motion, so that is cool. But you could not use this (or anything else) to do the BS they do a lot in TV/Movies. Recent bad example: The movie “Taken”. Liam takes a blurry, low-pixel REFLECTION image, and enhances it to perfect clarity. In a train station photo kiosk no less!! HA!

        • Well at the moment it only corrects motion blur….
          its a “Sneak”  so who knows what the feature will really do when Adobe finally adds it to Photoshop.

          Either way I want to use it NOW!

  • This is so good that we are now able to fix the blur images, this feature would useful for those photographer when they have got many blur images at a time and now this the relaxing information for them.

  • Sarah

    Mind blowing, actually! How have I not heard of this online yet? Can you imagine the possibilities? 

    Sarah Bauer

  • this is awesome. where can i get it?

  • This is very useful for me.Can you share with us something more like this ??? Thanks. 

  • desbest

    This is some CSI business. Their next feature will be uncrop.

  • Keeferama

    Would have been a lot more convincing if the video wasn’t completely out of focus to begin with. Have to go on faith and the audience’s reaction that it was really that impressive!

    • Use the link I posted earlier (below) for much better video quality!!

  • Anonymous

    haha “which, ironically, could use some deblurring technology itself.”

  • Silverweb

    Much, much better view:

  • My favourite part is that you have to load pre-defined parameters. I bet each preset took hours to prepare.

  • This looks like science fiction. Will see…

  • Maldjacool

    Enhance !

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