TL;DR – last year we started a daily newsletter, Versioning, for keeping devs up to date. People loved it, we loved it, it was great! Over the last few months we’ve been building something that could work alongside it: a place for people (like, say, you) to help others discover new stuff, and share the cool stuff they’ve found (or made!). A community of curators, or something. is the first draft of that place. We hope you love it as much as we do — let us know what you think.


Hey there,

Welcome! You might be wondering what you’ve stumbled into. Let’s start at the beginning.

About a year ago we started a daily newsletter, Versioning, for devs, designers and general web folk. The idea was to gather up all the important links floating around every day and put them in one place – along with a bit of fun commentary. It’s pretty hard to keep up with everything in the web world, so we were hoping people would be interested. Turns out people really, really liked it (like, super crazy amounts of like). Plenty signed up straight away, plenty more signed up over time, and they’ve mostly stuck around. It’s a daily habit for 10,000 of you (in a good way).

Ever since the newsletter first started, we’ve had people emailing us with links and suggestions. At the same time, some people wanted more links, or wanted links at different times of the day. Email doesn’t work for everyone, after all.

A few months ago a small group of us decided to build something that could take Versioning further. A place for this cool community – that’s sprung up in less than a year – to meet each other, and share the cool stuff they’ve found.

Feel free to make yourself at home. Hang out, check out some links, upvote something you enjoy. Treat yo’self. Anything you post has a good chance of making it into the newsletter, but everything you post will be appreciated.

We’re enjoying it so far — but it’s definitely not perfect and we’re definitely not done. We’d love to hear what you think.


Adam, Kyle, Kelle, James, Brad, Jude and Kat