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A special kick in the butt just for you

By Andrew Neitlich



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You know who you are.

You’re gliding along, doing okay.

But, if you are honest with yourself, you haven’t done much marketing in the past few weeks, or even months. Marketing has become a lower priority.

You used to hustle hard with marketing. You used to do at least one marketing activity a day. You had to, because you had no clients.

Now you are doing okay. So marketing has fallen behind.

Here is a kick in the butt for you:

Start marketing again. Get lean and mean like you used to be.

Otherwise, you will be un-busy like you used to be.

Do one marketing activity a day. Just one. Call a client and ask for a referral. Call a colleague to exchange leads. Write an article. Set up a speech. Get out an e-newsletter.

Do it now.

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