By Andrew Neitlich

A special kick in the butt just for you

By Andrew Neitlich

You know who you are.

You’re gliding along, doing okay.

But, if you are honest with yourself, you haven’t done much marketing in the past few weeks, or even months. Marketing has become a lower priority.


You used to hustle hard with marketing. You used to do at least one marketing activity a day. You had to, because you had no clients.

Now you are doing okay. So marketing has fallen behind.

Here is a kick in the butt for you:

Start marketing again. Get lean and mean like you used to be.

Otherwise, you will be un-busy like you used to be.

Do one marketing activity a day. Just one. Call a client and ask for a referral. Call a colleague to exchange leads. Write an article. Set up a speech. Get out an e-newsletter.

Do it now.

  • Too busy.

  • tkemma

    Thanks for the reminder…

  • webnology

    Andrew is again completely right. Make sure you always have a glowing pipeline, always.If not for the future, then at least for the good fealing of having a big pipeline.

  • hiker

    I would if I had the time,
    or my shoe wasn’t untied,
    or the sun wasn’t in my eyes,
    or the lady in front of me could drive,
    or I could find my contact list,
    or my dog didn’t need to go for a walk,
    or my hard drive didn’t need reformatting,
    or I hadn’t started on this new non-money-making project,
    or …

  • T.J

    this is right
    but what is the way this is what im thinking about ??

  • get off my back already. :p

  • Thanks mate – always on top of your game! Keep it up.

  • pdxi

    Thanks – I needed it :)

  • maria_shark

    you are right… thank you kindly for the reminder

  • Ask for a referral? Is this for current clients, or past clients? :)

  • Dr Livingston

    Not enough hours in the week, simple as that. Besides, got more on the plate to take care off, than make a phone call – or to take one for that matter.

  • I would but I am busy reading your blog!

  • I need this reminder, and have written it down on my calendar. Added to the suggestion list of daily marketing options: upsell just one client for an add-on service or product.

  • So?

  • I’m busy too. But I think I can swing a little bit of marketing every day.

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