By David Peterson

A New Era in Drupal

By David Peterson

Drupal has just stepped into a new light. Acquia has just announced their officially supported version of Drupal — Acquia Drupal.


This is definitely a big move in the open source world of Drupal. I think it is a great move. They have taken some of the best modules already available, mixed in some new things and are realising a version of Drupal that should be much more usable to non tech geeks.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Drupal, but it is freakin’ hard to get the thing to do the amazing things that it is capable of. I have spent many a week tearing my hair out configuring this and twirling that. If Acquia Drupal can lessen that by even a few hours (or days!) I will love them for it.

Well, what are you waiting for, get your download started and get installing. I know I will!

  • Boxcar Studio

    We can’t wait to check this new development out and perhaps implement it in our projects that utilize Drupal!

  • Personally, I am very keen on WordPress and do not think to give Drupal anther try beyond what i did when I chose my CMS.

  • I think this is great idea.

    I wish someone would do the same with Magento.

  • @Boxcar Studio: So, have you kicked the tyres yet? I have given it a bit of a spin, but not enough to talk about yet.

    @banago: Yes, WordPress is attractive. Out-of-the-box it just works and does what you want it to do. Drupal needs a bit more love… but when it is tuned it is a thing of beauty ;)

    @slaction: Not familiar with Magento. What is it?

  • Nerz

    This is really interesting. Ive always known is extremely powerful, there are some fantastic mods for it, but I still believe you really need to know php coding to get the most from it. Ill definately be checking this out though. Whats the support going to be like?

  • @Nerz check out They are offering a range of subscriptions — from free to “call us for the price” :)

  • @banago Another thought… Your reasons for using WordPress are exactly why Acquia was started. To make it easier to install and give a better experience to real world users.

  • Thanks for information. Look a greats step for Drupal.

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