By Matthew Eernisse

A new blogger

By Matthew Eernisse

Just thought I’d throw up a quick post to introduce myself. I’m Matthew Eernisse, and I’ll be blogging here at SitePoint occasionally — mostly on Web-related stuff like JavaScript, Ajax, Ruby, and PHP, and maybe a bit on design and open source. I’m the author of SitePoint’s Ajax book, and also have a personal Weblog over at I work for the Open Source Applications Foundation.

  • Welcome! :)

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  • Anonymous

    Welcome Matthew!

  • babyboy808

    Hi, Welcome …

  • Welcome, would really like to see some more RoR posts around here!

  • wwb_99

    Welcome Michael.

  • welcome Matthew,
    we are waiting your greate posts.

  • Tom

    You’re not welcomed.

  • Anonymous

    You’re welcome, and stupid who dont say that.
    i hope to get a copy of your book soon.

  • Welcome Matthew

  • Kailash Badu

    Please do write general issues and trends in open source world.

  • It’s great to get such a warm welcome. Thanks so very much!

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