By SitePoint Offers

A Lifetime of Strong, Secure Passwords You Don’t Have to Remember

By SitePoint Offers

If your usual routine of logging into a password-protected account involves either typing “password123” or racking your brain for the answers to security questions about the name of your first pet, your favorite band, and your mother’s cousin’s girlfriend’s maiden name, get the best of both worlds with Sticky Password. We have a lifetime subscription for $24.99.

Sticky Password gives you the security of long, complicated, impossible-to-guess passwords…without making you remember them. Available for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android, the app manages all of your passwords with a single master password. Once you’ve got that, it’ll create strong, unique passwords for all of the different sites that need them, log you in instantly to recognized sites, and instantly fill out forms so you don’t even have to remember your own zip code if you don’t want to.

Make sure your passwords stick. Get Sticky Password for $24.99 in the SitePoint Shop.

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