By Melinda Szasz

A Guide to Business SEO: Full Webinar Recording Now Available to View

By Melinda Szasz

Last week, SitePoint organized a free online webinar with Kristen Holden and Mike Hudson, the authors of our soon-to-be-released SEO Business Guide.

You can now access their collective wisdom by viewing the full recording below.

Find out the answers to the ten most frequently asked questions about SEO. This recording is sure to benefit all online business owners, as well as web developers and designers who build websites from the groundup.



SitePoint exclusive SEO webinar from SitePoint on Vimeo.

  • Would love to watch this but Vimeo says “Sorry, This video does not exist.” could this be a country/region thing? (I live in New Zealand).

    • I think this might be the correct video: http://vimeo.com/15970383

      • Melinda Szasz

        We had some issues with the video earlier today Jannis but it should be working now – you should have access to watch the video straight from this page. Let me know if you still have issues.

  • |Scrappa|

    A Guide to Business SEO was a great seminar. It was worth staying at work a little later than normal for. I think it’s important to run over the basics of anything you do every once in a while. It helps me bring my routine back in focus.

    Thanks Again

  • kenquad

    Thanks for the webinar, however I attended and had a couple of problems. I could barely hear the audio with my speaks all the way up; also, in the live version, the slide on-screen never changed from the intial one.

  • I’ve not viewed the whole video as of yet mostly due to the sound level being too low. OK I can raise my volume on my PC but I don’t want to have an heart attack when my anti virus program shouts out it’s been updated.

  • Marta


    When will SEO Business Guide be available?


  • Jen Sheahan

    Thanks for all the great feedback, everyone. I’m glad the content was useful for you. SEO is such an important aspect of web development, and it’s often overlooked. Not anymore!
    We had some technical issues during the live webinar (sound and slides) and we learned some big lessons along the way. These issues were addressed in the recording.
    Thanks for your patience and support as we master this new format. We are planning more webinars in the weeks to come. Hopefully everything goes smoothly for our next one. :)

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