By Andrew Neitlich

A collection of business New Year’s resolutions for you

By Andrew Neitlich

Okay, let’s list as many New Year’s resolutions — only about growing you business — as possible for 2005. What is one thing you promise to do next year to grow your business?


– Increase your network of referral sources

– Sell more to existing clients

– Re-do your marketing message

– Get a true edge over the competition

– Upgrade your web site

– Mail to prospective clients

– Focus on a target market that is specific

– Write some articles

– Issue some press releases

– Hire a salesperson

– Develop new capabilities

Okay, now you…..What’s your business resolution for 2005? I want to see dozens of unique resolutions….

  • aneitlich

    I’ll start. My business resolution for 2005 is to be patient — do what works systematically and let the results come. Don’t panic, don’t act rashly. Take it easy, keep up the marketing, and have faith that it will all come together.

    Oh…and lose the weight I put on in 2004.

  • jason

    my resolution is to develop a company brand for my freelance business, upgrade my website and actually create some marketing materials. i’d also love to expand my services and offer more value to my customers. for that matter, another resolution is to better evaluate that value i bring and charge my clients accordingly.

  • Gil

    Become more skilled at demonstrating value to prospects and clients.

  • tcwatts

    Ok, so you won’t be alone, I’ll also resolve (like every year) to shed some lbs. :-)

    But seriously, thank you Mr Neitlich for your generous sharing of what I find valuable business training. All the best for the New Year!

  • Add me to lbs-shedding-list :)

    I’ve planned to do these things in 2005:

    – Multiple source of income. I’m launching three new ecommerce website — working like a maniac right now to finish the third — trying to secure a steady income, spread over different source.

    – Send out press releases.

    – Look into the possiblities of what a combination of improved usability + SEO will do for my ecommerce web-sites. So far I haven’t thought that much about it.

    Looking forward to hear what you others guys will do to enhance your businesses.

    Best wishes from Denmark.

  • pdxi

    I resolve to provide the best client care, front to back and beginning to end. Period.

  • That reminds me that I’m going to build a “Client login” area.

  • never ever underbid a project or underestimate the time it will take to complete…

  • dave

    My goals will also include building multiple streams of revenue, both on with web design/development and elsewhere. I’ll also focus on letting go of the nine to five gig to build my primary business, developing strong relationships with clients, and promoting myself as an expert in my niche.

    Oh, and shedding the lbs, too. Possibly even relocating to the western US…

  • For 2005:

    – Put into action a new idea for a local web based business
    – Refine current web sites
    – Develop new web sites with meaningful content

  • Outsource more…therefore Vacation more!

  • After reading Andrew’s column I have stopped looking at jobs as hourly projects and am pricing on value of end project. This is something I will carry on into the new year.

  • karancorp.com

    I plan on leaving the 9-5 job to really dig into the aspect of business whereas needed: Sales, Marketing and Advertising.

    I plan to loose alot of Lbs. :)

    I plan on buying the Business Web Design Kit aswell.. been wanting to do that for some time now. Maybe I’ll take my Christmas Bonus from my 9-5 job and use it towards that.

  • For me it is adding more value to the process and taking on more project management responsibilities so the partners can focus more on business development and consulting.

  • I vow to actually take the time to read Andrew’s IT Pro Success Business Kit. He somehow used his skills to convince me to buy it, so if he’s sharing those skills in the kit then it must be good!

  • Press releases are on my resolution list too.

    Several new business ideas I want to launch.

    Start a new Google Group and build out my blogs.

    Find some way to generate passive income.

    Become a better money manager and invest more.

  • Spend more time on content websites than products, promote current website to a new level.

    Keep watching the Internet and build new websites.

  • To better leverage other people’s effort and money by more effectively using subcontractors and credit.

  • jgoddard

    manage time and projects better!

  • Redivider

    My New Years Resolution:


  • drakke

    1. Create a good plan and implement it as hard as possible with all my energy.

    2. Balance work and fun.

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