Web Dev @ Microsoft

Working with Data in React: Properties & State

Eric Greene, 10 hours ago
Eric Greene of the Microsoft Developer Network teaches the fundamentals of working with data in React apps.

An Introduction to the Web Audio API

James Wright, 3 days ago
The Web Audio API allows developers to leverage powerful audio processing techniques in the browser using JavaScript. In this series, you...
Design & UX

Unconventional UX Wisdom for Stressed Out Entrepreneurs

Ryan O'Connor, 11 hours ago
We're overwhelmed with UX advice. Ryan offers a few gems of UX wisdom that you probably won't read on the other blogs and resources sites. 

How to Save Data with NSUserDefaults

Sandy Ludosky, 4 days ago
The use of data persistence is absolutely pivotal when developing iOS apps, and NSUserDefaults provides one option for data persistence in...

Better Engineering with Redux-Saga

Sam Slotsky, Aug 16
In this final installment of the series, we finish off the features we want from our Twitter app and then address the problems with our...

Tools for a Modern Ruby Development Setup

Glenn Goodrich, 12 hours ago
David Bush shows you some of the development tools  he uses to be more productive in Ruby. 

Testing in Python with Doctest and Unittest

Shaumik Daityari, Aug 10
Software development in any language is not complete unless your software can be tested, and Python is no exception. Testing allows you to...
Design & UX

Botox and the Art of Designing Empathy

Alex Walker, a day ago
Research shows that looking at faces changes the way we think. Can you use this knowledge to trigger empathy in your users?
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