Keybase: Sending, Receiving and Sharing Encrypted Messages

Ardian Haxha introduces Keybase, a social media service for sending, receiving and sharing encrypted messages.
Ardian Haxha, a day ago

Getting Started with PostCSS

PostCSS is a tool for transforming CSS with JavaScript. If you haven't used it before, you should get started right here! It's a powerful...
Thomas Greco, 3 days ago

Using GDELT 2 with PHP to Analyze the World!

Are you interested in political world events? Do you want to play with one of the world's largest databases? If you answered either of...
Patrick van Bergen, a day ago

Why Elm?

Web front end development has gone from playing around with jQuery in the vague hope it'll work on IE6 as well as Firefox 1 to a giant...
Luke Westby, Nov 26

Photoshop-like Blend Modes in CSS

Photoshop-like blending modes in CSS are something designers have wanted for a long time. Blend modes allow you to blend background images...
Guilherme Muller, Nov 24

Using Color Schemes in Mobile UI Design

According to Kissmetrics, a product’s visual appearance is the number one factor influencing consumers’ purchasing decisions. Nowadays, it...
Tatsiana Levdikova, a day ago

Shared Element Transitions Effects in Mobile

Shared element transitions in your Android apps are a must. Transitions allow you to keep the user's attention on your assets as you go...
Rodrigo Cericatto, Nov 23

Kick. Start. Smart: 3 Lessons for Emerging Entrepreneurs to Adopt

Aleczander Gamboa gives the three most important lessons he learned about entrepreneurship that every aspiring entrepreneur should adopt.
Aleczander Gamboa, a day ago
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