7 Freebies From SitePoint You May Not Know About

    Shayne Tilley

    befreeWe love a good freebie here at SitePoint. Some of you may remember book giveaways of the past, but aside from those one-off, limited-time giveaways, there’s a whole bunch of free stuff on SitePoint that is available every day.

    1. Free Firefox Extensions

    Firstly, we’ve got a couple of very handy extensions for Firefox, both compatible with FF 3.5.

    • CodeBurner: Hook directly into our CSS and HTML reference material from within Firebug.
    • Dust-me Selectors: A handy tool that finds unused CSS selectors on your site.

    2. IE8 Web Slices and Accelerator

    Follow SitePoint’s blogs and articles directly from the IE8 bookmarks toolbar, or tap into our reference material via a handy context menu in IE8.

    3. Free Videos

    Hours of free videos for your viewing pleasure.

    4. Free Classified Listings

    While most categories do have a fee, if you want to buy something, or are looking for link exchanges, then listing on the marketplace won’t cost you a dime.

    5. Free Book and Kit Samples

    Not only do our book samples allow you to try before you buy, they all contain valuable information that stand on their own. Check out the book matrix and see for yourself!

    6. Free Newsletters

    Over 800,000 subscribers can’t be wrong. There’s a treasure trove of great insight for designers, developers, and freelancers in our selection of fine newsletters.

    7. Free Reference Material

    Our complete HTML and CSS reference material — the exact same content you’ll find in our CSS and HTML Ultimate Reference books — plus the JavaScript DOM Core reference, are all available for free via our reference tab.

    So the next time someone tells you that there’s no such thing as a free lunch, make sure you send them the link to this post!