6 JS Reference and jQuery Quote Plugins

Today is a list of jQuery reference and jQuery Quote plugins. Best used for feedback site, quote site or quote page in you projects. For all you book works out there have fun!

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1. jQuote


Extract Quotes from Text without Duplication.


Source + Demo

2. jQuery Quickie: Smooth animated quote display

These relatively simple jQuery tutorial will show you a simple, yet beautiful effect making use of jQuery. This way, you can learn and create something very cool at the same time.

jQuery Quickie


3. Easy jQuery Pull Quotes

To use the easy pull quote script you need the JavaScript and the CSS code, then a simple span surrounding what you want to be in the pull quote.

jQuery Pull Quotes

Source + Demo

4. Quovolver

Is a simple extension for jQuery that takes a group of quotes and displays them on your page in an elegant way.


Source + Demo

5. Livereference

It is a simple jQuery/PHP based referencing tool designed for web developers and on-line publishers that makes literature citing easy and improves reading experience.


Source + Demo

6. JQuery Quote Rotator Plugin

Here’s a jQuery plugin that rotates through list items with a nice fade effect. You may nest any type of element you like inside a given list item.

JQuery Quote Rotator