5 PDFs For The Price Of 1 — Last Chance

By Shayne Tilley

This is just a quick reminder that our 5 PDFs for the price of 1 sale ends in 24 hours.

Don’t miss your chance to pick up a bunch of SitePoint books for a fraction of the normal price.


Happy reading!

  • FYI,
    Firefox doesn’t think sale.sitepoint.com is secure. Looks like the SSL certificate is for marketplace.sitepoint.com not sale.sitepoint.com. I had to explicitly ally an exception to get to the sale.siteopint.com page that has the 5 for 1 offer on it.

  • bs_in_cs

    Yup, same here. Not secure.

  • Mal Curtis

    Hey Guys,

    The SitePoint sale should be viewed over plain http:// rather than an https:// connection (hence the certificate error :D)

  • Martha

    Yes, the email that goes out says https, but you should view it through http instead.

  • bs_in_cs

    Awesome, changing the url from https to http did the trick. Thanks Mal.

  • I just clicked on a link from a sitepoint email.
    Sseems ssomeone ussed too many s’s

  • Glad the offer got extended again! I was able to get in another order. Thanks guys! Now I’m off to codeland. :)

    Just a quick note for the Sitepoint staff on special offers/deals: Those of us in the USA would appreciate it if the deadlines were written in both Australian time and EST.

    (Last time you had the 5-for-1 offer, I made the deadline, but missed out because of the timezone difference.)

  • cla

    Yes. it would be very helpful to have expicit times (and time zones) for the deadlines.
    I just tried now (hey here it is still October 7 5:32pm) and it looks like the sale is already closed. too bad :(((

  • Chris

    Just saw this and clicked on the link in the article, but it says the sale has closed. Is that intentional or is there some mixup?

  • Ken

    Just went in to do this and its all black. I could have sworn your email said sale ends 10/30. Please resend a working link.

  • Ok, well isn’t that annoying… Forgot sitepoint was based in Australia is about UTC+10 or so… Oh well, guess I get to wait for the next sale.

  • klangston

    As a previous customer, I’m disapppointed to find this closed today. The email were confusing. Send out a clearly written promo. I just spent hours previewing the books to pick out my five.

  • Mal Curtis

    I think if you’re sneaky and simply add five pdf’s to your shopping cart on sitepoint.com you might still be able to get the deal. This will be shut off very soon!

    You didn’t hear this from me ;)

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