By Sam Deering

5 jQuery Mobile Gallery Plugins

By Sam Deering
Almost everything electronic these days comes in handy on your mobile phone! Today we look at some jQuery Mobile Galleries to display those lovely pictures you have on your mobile phone! :)

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1. Awesome Mobile Image Gallery Web App

In this tutorial we are going to develop a simple mobile image gallery using the amazing jQTouch jQuery plugin for mobile web development. jQTouch is a jQuery plugin with native animations, automatic navigation, and themes for mobile WebKit browsers like iPhone, iPod Touch, G1, and Pre.

2. Image Gallery for Mobile Browsers – Touch Gallery

Is a jQuery image gallery plugin which brings the native look and feel of native photo-viewing applications to the mobile browsers.

3. PhotoSwipe

Image gallery for mobile devices.

4. Mobile Photo Album jQuery plugin

Easy to use JQuery plugin for web developer to build JavaScript gallery for mobile device. The plugin is driven by xml or array data. Easy setup and only minimum programming knowledge is needed. Best for building photo album which target for view on mobile device.

5. TN3 Gallery

It is compatible with all modern desktop and mobile browsers. TN3 Gallery is a full-fledged HTML based customizable image gallery with jQuery slideshow, transition, CSS skinning and multiple album options.

  • can you give me a training class for mobile web creation. i have interested to study…………………

  • Thank you for this collection! appreciated!!

  • Toch Gallery looks great but fails in Android mobiles and return a blank page.
    Better don´t use

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  • Nathan

    wow, not one of these frameworks is even remotely well implemented. and some of them ask you to pay for them. Nothing new or innovative for any of them. After hours of exploring each, I’ve come to realize it would have taken me a fraction of the time to just do it myself. Please god take this post down.

    • Hi Nathan, this was posted 2 years ago needs a refresh!

  • FragN8ter

    This article should be deprecated like the code used by these plugins.

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