By Sam Deering

5 jQuery Mobile Datepickers

By Sam Deering
In today’s jQuery post we share with you some jQuery Mobile Datepickers. Make your own date pickers for your mobile phones! Check out our tutorials below. Enjoy!

1. jQuery UI’s Datepicker Styled for Mobile

The included files extend the jQuery UI datepicker to make it suitable for touch devices. This plugin is not included in jQuery Mobile by default, so you’ll need to include the files yourself if you’d like to use them.

2. Experimenting with jQuery Mobile Date Picker

jQuery Mobile has released an experimental version of Date Picker for Date Input Fields. Learn in this tutorial.


3. Android-Like Date Picker with jQuery Mobile

The goal is to get the look of Android’s date picker.

4. jQueryMobile – DateBox

A multi-mode date and time picker for jQueryMobile.

5. jQuery-Mobile-Themed-DatePicker

This is jQuery UI’s datepicker plugin with jQuery Mobile’s theming and script handling applied.

  • Inga

    Thanks for sharing this list! Btw, here is a demo of event calendar for mobile apps (part of dhtmlxScheduler package).

  • #1 and #5 are actually the same project, by Scott from the filament group.

    As far as I know, this project is still experimental and wasn’t included in jQuery mobile core becouse of performance issues.

    you might want to give a go to jQM-DateBox:

  • Sebastian


    Can you confirm which of these date pickers will work properly on Windows Phone 7? For example, I noticed that not all the DateBox “modes” work properly with IE on WP7…


    • Hi Sebastian,

      Here is a jsfiddle which might help:

  • mayur panchal

    i want to play video in android using phonegap ..?
    can u help ?

  • mayar panchel

    i want to play video in android using phonegap ..?
    can i get help on the wrong article?

  • mobileUX24

    Can you show me some mobile sites using a good date picker option? I can find many implemented in apps, but none for mobile sites.

  • Aliaksandr Harbunou

    Uh, I see most broken links. What alternatives? Sencha Touch?

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