By Sam Deering

5 Most Impressive Flash-like Navigation Menus of All Time

By Sam Deering

Tons of top jQuery Navigation Menus have been created over the last year or two and it could be hard to choose a decent one worth integrating into our website. What we are sharing today are five of the most impressive flash-like navigation menus using jQuery that might help solve this problem. Enjoy!

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1. Radius menu with jQuery

This is creative jQuery navigation with CLOCK-like design that will rotate and zoomed when you select one of the icons.

Radius menu with jQuery

Source + Demo

2. Little Boxes Menu with jQuery

Another advanced flash-like jQuery navigation menu with beautiful box-like effect by Mary Lou. It has a really nice transition effect once you click on the menu.

Little Boxes Menu

Source + Demo


3. Animated Text and Icon Menu with jQuery

Try it to see what talking about… you’ll love it as much as I do!

Animated Text and Icon Menu

Source + Demo

4. Awesome Bubble Navigation with jQuery

This is really, really awesome and cute bubble-like navigation which generated by jQuery. Would you believe this is done by jQuery and CSS?!?

Awesome Bubble Navigation

Source + Demo

5. Collapsing Site Navigation with jQuery

This is cool and awesome flash-like jQuery navigation menu that have very nice hovering effects. It will be collapsed once you clicking on it and reveals the content.

Collapsing Site Navigation

Source + Demo

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