5 For 1 Sale Extended Until This Friday

By Shayne Tilley

We’ve been so overwhelmed by the response to our 5-for-1 sale, 
we’re extending it for a few more days. If you’ve been waiting for our books to be available on your iPhone or Amazon Kindle — now is your chance!

Click Here to Choose 5 Digital Books for $29.95

From PHP to Project Management and everything in between, you’re sure to find a topic to suit your specific needs — and at 5 for the price of 1, in three digital formats, this is our greatest offer yet.

This sale must end Friday April 23, so don’t miss your chance to grab around $150 worth of books for just $29.95.

  • NetNerd85

    You say the same thing and run the exact same campaign all the time now. Your sales remind me of those carpet ads: “closing down sale, everything must go, last chance”… pfft, yeah right, we know you’ll be back next month, same bat time, same bat channel, selling the same old stuff. Can we have something new next time please?

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