5-For-1 Deal Is Back With a Kindle & iPhone Twist

By Shayne Tilley
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mobi-epub-featureOur 5-for-1 sales last year were so popular, we thought we’d bring it back with a Kindle and iPhone twist!

Our books are Kindle, iPhone, iPad ready!

You can now access most SitePoint books on your Amazon Kindle, iPhone, and almost all portable eBook readers. And to celebrate the availability of the MOBI and EPUB eBook formats (in addition to PDF), we’ve got an offer you can’t refuse.

Buy 1 Book, Get 4 Free

That’s right. You can have FIVE books in ALL digital formats for just $29.95.

So if you’ve been considering a new SitePoint book, want to consolidate your eBook library, or just want to learn a new skill, don’t delay — this special price won’t be around for long.

In fact, the party’s over in two weeks. Grab ’em while you can!

GET STARTED: Click here to order

We teamed up with SiteGround
To bring you the latest from the web and tried-and-true hosting, recommended for designers and developers. SitePoint Readers Get Up To 65% OFF Now
  • mahen

    are these printed copies?

  • Amazing, it sounds like I’ll be adding to my library this week.

    I do have a question however, you said “Five books in ALL formats for just $29.95.”

    Does that mean hard copies too or is this just a PDF sale?

    This is an amazing price already but it sounds too good to be true if you get the hard copy of each book as well.

  • kaan

    I purchased PDF books from Sitepoint before. Will I have access to epub formats as well? Or do I need to repurchase them ?

    Thank you

  • Garwin

    Are these Printed copies

  • Moosejaw

    I just bought, and while I’m sure that I will find the books valuable, the verbiage is misleading. This is only for the digital versions of the books, not hard copies. Saying that you are getting the Ebook Bundle for books that are available as hard copies and that it includes all Formats seemed to me that it was the Physical Book as well as the PDF. Especially when you select the books it tells if is is PDF only, the ones that are not PDF only it looked as if you would receive a physical copy as well. This is my first experience with Sitepoint, and I feel like they made the verbiage inconsistent and misleading on purpose in order to get people to buy thinking that they would receive an actual hard copy of the books.

  • ben

    I don’t think the verbage was misleading at all…

  • so i rule out my self? starting from dec last year i bought like 5 books from sitepoint and they are very good. but pdf only is not for me at th moment.

  • travis

    moosejaw, thanks for the heads up. I almost purchased, but then decided to dig a little more and see if I could find any info on whether hard copies are included. I agree, very misleading.

  • Franck W.

    Oh come on, guys! Did you really think you would get 5 books (print + all digital formats) + free shipment for less than 30$?

    I admit “ALL format” may be a bit misleading… I for one am happy with pdf download : as I am not a professional but jut a hobbyist who reads sitepoint books during as a pastime, I wouldn’t afford neither 30$ A book nor the storage place on the shelf (for printed copies…)
    So I guess this is a perfect deal!!!

  • Steve

    I bought pretty much all the books they were selling as .pdf’s in the december daily specials. Is there a way to convert these to Kindle books as well?

  • Basilecom

    Do the right thing Sitepoint and give the people who bought the digital copies the other digital versions.

  • @mahen & @Garwin: The sale is for PDFs, .MOBI and .EPUB versions. It does not include the printed versions.

    I’ve slightly tweaked the blog post to make this clearer.

  • M Pitterson

    I purchased some of the books available in this offer back in December – they are in PDF format. I am currently reading them on my Sony Reader PRS-600. This is convenient for me because I also read in transit on my way to work and while on lunch break. However, it would also be great if the books are also available in EPUB format – this is one of the formats for Sony Readers.

  • Sorry guys if this was misleading — certainly not something we did on purpose. I’m actually putting together a follow up post that will clear up some of this confusion, and we’ve made a couple of small changes to the landing page already to help make it clearer.

  • nishantk

    I have purchased these books but still can not login to claim my books, i checked that my credit card has been charged and payment released even i got receipt from sitepont.
    i tried to contact support team but no response since purchase. i think i have lost my $29

  • Nicolae Crefelean

    @ShayneTilley: SitePoint has little to no respect in my eyes. I cannot buy these books because you consider Romania a risky market. Do you people know that many countries are involved in electronic fraud? Do you know that Romania is not the worst in such activities? Do you even care NORMAL people would pay for your books but they cannot choose their own country in the order form?

    I don’t like piracy but you deserve to be pirated. How else can I buy from you? Why would I bother to buy if you don’t respect me as a normal guy who wants to mind his own business and write some code? Can’t you see your form of protest against bad guys also hurts the good guys AND your business? Can you really think they will stop if you keep doing this? They will only have justification for their acts, even if it’s an unhealthy one, but the fact is we cannot get SitePoint books from you.

    SHAME ON YOU! (to be polite)

  • Mike

    Can someone please confirm whether or not those people that purchased pdf versions of these same books in the past will get these .epub versions or will sitepoint force us to repurchase if we want these formats? Thank you.