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By Tara Hornor

30 HDR Photographs Of Vehicles

By Tara Hornor

We love our hot rods so why not show them off in HDR?! Due to the boxy, yet sleek form of car and truck bodies, not to mention the reflective paint jobs, vehicles create interesting images unlike any other. Some car enthusiasts utilize HDR imaging to amplify the creative paint on their car by oversaturating the colors to achieve vibrant, playful portrails.

Why HDR? Human eyes are designed to capture a vast range of values within the visible light spectrum and can adapt to changing light conditions. Cameras simply cannot, even though HDR images can be printed. Without a series of exposures called High Dynamic Range Photos, where multiple exposures are used to capture a wide range of values, this is very difficult for a camera sensor. In this realm of photography, it is necessary to hand process every HDR image. Just like many art forms, this creates a great collection of unique styles.

Check this collection of cars in HDR and let us know your favorites!


  • Freaking awesome they are <3 <3 :-)

  • morgan

    nice photos, they should go to ratings!

  • Super and Perfect :D

  • H i love the old rusty autumn image the best. I wish i new the name of that Car.

    • arch

      Try Lincoln. – Arch

  • MonsD

    Really makes design details come out. This medium could be useful in virtual design reviews for off axis members of design teams.


  • Nash Lal

    I own exactly the same BMW in the last picture :-)

  • The last picture of the BMW and the sunset reminds me of the British car show, Top Gear! Thanks for the great collection of images. Inspiring!

  • I enjoy HDR until it begins looking like it’s been drawn rather than photographed. It definitely has it’s place and I am beginning to see it everywhere! Automobiles are a good fit, especially if they’re old and rusty . . .

  • Amazing images of a wide range of vehicles! One needs to be careful, however, that the retouching does not overwhelm the original image, but amplifys it. In my opinion, this comes off best in the 57 Chev, the classic red Corvette, the BMW and the Volkswagen…

    And yes, the BMW image IS very ‘Top Gear’ — colour saturation and extreme perspective helps here!

  • bcs

    Nice pics. Which HDR s/w did you use?

  • wooooooooow!!! those are really great! esp the grey lambo at the top, looks like a sketch!

  • A lot of these were very well done. There’s a fine line between good HDR, and overdoing it, sometimes.

  • just waaaaooooo

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