22 Creative, Useful iPhone Apps for Graphic Designers

By Gabrielle Gosha

Whether you’re an up-and-comer or a seasoned vet, graphic design requires a lot of work that can leave you feeling overwhelmed, overworked, or stressed. Truth be told, sitting in front of your computer doesn’t always help you rid yourself of fatigue or “designer’s block.” Luckily, you don’t have to be stuck sitting in one place to get your work done, or at the very least, to sketch out some ideas when inspiration strikes.

Thanks to creative app developers, you can now take your work with you wherever you are, or at least jot down those epiphanies that tend to show up when you’re not at the office. Today, I present to you 22 creative iPhone apps ranging both from free to pricey and from designer resources to actual production apps. These should hopefully help you out in the long run by saving time, reducing stress, and capturing ideas that would otherwise go forgotten.

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Price: $9.99

The Typography Manual

the typography manual_tn

Price: $3.99

Adobe Ideas

adobe ideas_tn

Price: $9.99

Sketches 2

sketches 2_tn

Price: $4.99



Price: Free



Price: $4.99



Price: Free



Price: Free

What the Font

what the font_tn

Price: Free

SketchBook Mobile

sketchbook mobile_tn

Price: $1.99



Price: $3.99

FX Photo Studios

fx photo studios_tn

Price: $0.99

HEX RGB Colors Guide

HEX RGB Colors Guide_tn

Price: Free

Paper Sizes

paper sizes_tn

Price: $0.99

Photoshop Express

photoshop express_tn

Price: Free

Brushes 3

brushes 3_tn

Price: Free



Price: $19.99

Cliqcliq Colors

cliqcliq colors_tn

Price: Free



Price: $19.99

Aviary Photo Editor


Price: Free

CameraBag 2


Price: Free



Price: $39.99

Do you have any favorite design apps that help you capture or develop creative ideas?

Gabrielle Gosha
Meet the author
Gabrielle is a creative type who works as a freelance graphic designer, animator, photographer and filmmaker. She has worked doing various jobs from designing logos to filming commercials and animating music videos for both domestic and international music artists.
  • https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/button-shop/id594756376?mt=8 Polina

    Button Shop on iPhone let’s you quickly create apple-style glossy buttons that look very professional and are retina-ready.

  • http://www.vaniatechnologies.co.uk/ Vania tech

    I love Palletes app for my iPhone. thanks for sharing the rest apps. I going to start using brushes 3 first, i think i am more artistic by nature.
    Emma Jones

    • http://digifaceproject.wordpress.com Gabrielle

      Wonderful and no problem Emma. Nice to hear what someone has to say about some of the apps. I hope the Brushes app works well for you.


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