Design & UX
Konrad Caban, 5 days ago

How to (Almost) Painlessly Troubleshoot Your Client Sites

FInding, tagging and removing bugs may not be glamorous but it's a product development phase. Konrad has a toolset for painless troubleshooting of bug.
Ardian Haxha, 5 days ago

Create a Slack Bot to Interact with Your Wiki

Ardian Haxha shows you how to accept our new bot-based overlords and write your own Slack bot using Ruby and Sinatra. Assimilate!
Joshua Kraus, 6 days ago

To the Clients Who Stiffed Us...

One risk freelancers face is spending substantial time on a project without ever getting paid. Joshua Kraus talks to four freelancers who have been there.
Agbonghama Collins, Aug 19

Understanding Namespaces in the WordPress Hook System

Agbonghama covers how to hook methods of an instantiated class (object) to actions and filters and the caveats of using namespaces in WordPress hook system.
Bruno Skvorc, Aug 19

Quick Tip: Solution to Paypal IPN Always Returning "Invalid"

A solution to the PayPal IPN Simulator "INVALID" problem - where the verification message always returns invalid, even if everything seems fine
Valdio Veliu, Aug 19

A Step by Step Guide to Building an Android Audio Player App

Valdio Veliu presents an in-depth and step by step guide to building your very own Android audio player app.
Andrew McDermott, Aug 19

You're the Best Developer on the Team — Why It'll Cost You Your Job

Being the best developer - or the best at anything - can cost you everything, if you let it. Andrew McDermott explains why, and how to avoid that fate.
Julian Motz, Aug 18

Basic jQuery Form Validation Example (2mins)

A step by step tutorial on how to use jQuery to setup basic form validation in just a few minutes you can implement form input field validation.
Wern Ancheta, Aug 18

Sculpin Extended: Customizing Your Static Site Blog

Wern Ancheta shows us how to install, use, customize, and deploy a static site blog generated with Sculpin - a PHP static site generator!
Christopher Vundi, Aug 18

Tap User Interests with Curated Feeds in Rails

Christopher Vundi walks through setting up an interest feed model and application for your users  in Rails.
SitePoint Offers, Aug 17

Get a Free Year of SitePoint Premium Thanks to Atlassian

At SitePoint, we've built a reputation for empowering developers with the resources they need to take their skills to the next level and stay up to date in web development. Thanks to our friends at Atlassian, we have an exciting offer for SitePoint readers! Here's what you'll get:
  • One FREE year of SitePoint Premium. This includes unlimited downloads of 78 ebooks, 64 courses and over 150 screencasts on web development and design.
  • Unlimited public and private repositories at Bitbucket to host the personal and professional projects you're building, completely free.
The whole process takes less than two minutes and there’s no credit card required! How to claim your free year of SitePoint Premium:
  • Click here to create your free Bitbucket account. Click the green button to get started.
  • Complete the account creation process and check your inbox for a verification email from Atlassian.
  • Verify your email address and create your Bitbucket username.
  • Hit ‘continue’ and you’ll be taken to your dashboard.
  • Click on your avatar on the top right hand side of the page (example to your right). Take a full page screenshot with your email address showing.
  • Email your screenshot to - you will be sent a coupon to redeem your free year of SitePoint Premium.
Example - This is what your final screenshot should look like.
Current SitePoint Premium members are also eligible — they’ll receive a one-year extension of their membership. This offer is only available if you are new to Bitbucket. Once your screenshot is verified, we will send you a coupon code for your free year of SitePoint Premium.
Ben Dickson, Aug 17

How to Prevent Replay Attacks on Your Website

Ben Dickson explores how to prevent replay attacks on your site via a nifty one-time token pattern.
Paul Maplesden, Aug 17

Which Productivity System Is Best for Me?

Paul Maplesden looks at the major productivity systems, and discusses the pros and cons of each choice.
Chris Burgess, Aug 17

What's New in WordPress 4.6

Chris Burgess covers an overview of what’s new in WordPress 4.6 and what features to look out for when you update your site.
Hugo Giraudel, Aug 17

Setting up a Living Styleguide in Jekyll

Hugo Giraudel looks at how to put together a styleguide of components for your design using Jekyll and the Liquid template engine.
M. David Green, Aug 16

Versioning Show, Episode 4, with Chris Coyier

In this episode, Tim and David are joined by Chris Coyier, well-known creator of CSS-Tricks and co-founder of code-sharing site CodePen and the ShopTalk podcast — to discuss getting started on the web, the future of web technologies, approaches to coding projects, and least favorite things on the web.
Peleke Sengstacke, Aug 16

10 Need-to-Know RxJS Functions with Examples

Learn how to program with observables. Peleke Sengstacke looks at 10 important RxJS functions for working with streams, with examples of their usage.
Design & UX
Gabrielle Gosha, Aug 16

8 Distinctive Headline Fonts to Make Your Content Sizzle

Today we've put together a list of 8 impressive and distinctive headline fonts designed to give your layouts an extra touch of star power. Enjoy.
Dan Prince, Aug 15

Quick Tip: What Are Factory Functions in JavaScript

Dan Prince looks at factory functions in JavaScript, examining the different types, their use cases & how they allow us to separate data from computations.
Reza Lavaryan, Aug 15

Quick Tip: Convenience Hacks for Passing Data to Views

A couple of helper methods for quickly and effectively passing larger numbers of variables to views from your controllers
Design & UX
Daniel Schwarz, Aug 15

Responsive Design in Sketch: It's Finally Here!

We've waited, improvised and made do with plugins, but the wait is over. We now have truly Responsive Design in Sketch 3.9. Dan gives us the low-down.
Jesse Herrick, Aug 15

Plugs Are to Elixir What Rack Is to Ruby

Jesse Herrick compares Plugs in Elixir to Rack in Ruby. Learn a bit of Elixir and its elegance with middleware and plugs.
Shaumik Daityari, Aug 13

3 Ways to Run Mobile Marketing Campaigns in Developing Countries

Mobile marketing requires a different approach in developing countries, where smartphone penetration is low. We look at three of those strategies.
Jeff Smith, Aug 12

A Live Lesson in Diving into ES2015, with Darin Haener

SitePoint Premium’s first ever Live Lesson with Darin Haener, walked you through sections of his course, Diving into ES2015 — while answering your questions live!