Yazid Hanifi, Jul 26

How to Add Real-Time Notifications to Laravel with Pusher

Yazid adds real-time notifications to a simple blog CMS built on Laravel using only Laravel Echo and Pusher. Follow users and get notified when they post!
Design & UX
James George, Jul 26

7 Super-Useful Chrome Extensions for Designers in 2017

James George lets us in on his 7 most-favorite Chrome extensions for designers, including a new design app called Gravit that works solely in the browser!
Chris Erwin, Jul 26

Off With Your Head! Build Better Web Apps with a Headless CMS

Chris Erwin shows how to build a simple web app using Elemeno, a headless CMS, and a typical Node.js development stack.
Oliver Williams, Jul 25

A Beginner's Guide to HTML5 Cross-Browser Polyfills

Nowadays, new features are added to browsers at a rate of knots. Oliver Williams shows how polyfills let you write modern code, which will work everywhere.
Craig Buckler, Jul 25

How to use Media Queries in JavaScript

Craig Buckler gives you an accessible introduction to using media queries with JavaScript with matchMedia for a robust responsive design approach.
Bruno Skvorc, Jul 25

Why Is a String Called a String?

Did you know the history of the "string" in computation stretches back all the way to 1944? Come learn why strings are strings, and where they come from!
Adrian Try, Jul 25

The Best Markdown Editors for Mac

Adrian Try covers a selection of the best Markdown editors for Mac, to help you choose which is the best for you.
James Hibbard, Jul 24

How to Bundle a Simple Static Site Using Webpack

You don't need to be working on a fancy, large-scale project to use Webpack. James Hibbard demonstrates how you can use it to bundle a simple static site.
Design & UX
Gabrielle Gosha, Jul 24

4 Photoshop Styles to Lift Your Photos Above the Crowd

Duotones, Muted Black & White, Targeted Blur Effect, and more. Gabrielle has four fresh Photoshop styles to spice up to your repetoire.
Dino Londis, Jul 21

Why the IoT Threatens Your WordPress Site (and How to Fix It)

The Internet of Things has brought unprecedented security challenges to the web. Dino Londis looks at why, and what you can do to protect your site.
Design & UX
Alec McGuffey, Jul 21

What Type of Design Education is Best For You?

Alec McGuffey looks at four types of design education, and helps you figure out which one is the best fit for you.
James Edwards, Jul 20

Instant Form Validation Using JavaScript

This article teaches readers how they can perform instant form validation using JavaScript. The article also explains how a validation polyfill can be made.
Maria Antonietta Perna, Jul 20

GreenSock for Beginners (Part 2): GSAP's Timeline

In Part 2 of her GreenSock (GSAP) tutorial for beginners, Maria Antonietta Perna shows how GSAP timeline makes coding complex animations easier and faster.
Christopher Pitt, Jul 20

How to Write JavaScript-Style Test Watchers in PHP

Chris writes test watchers: auto-compiling PHP from Preprocess files, and auto-testing after every file-change. No need to manually run PHPUnit ever again!
Tahir Taous, Jul 20

6 of the Best Free Contact Form Plugins for WordPress

Forms are essential for most websites. In this article we cover the most popular, regularly updated and free contact form plugins for WordPress available.
Jason Daszkewicz, Jul 19

How to Use AMP with WordPress

Have you used Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages to display your content to mobile audiences? Take a look at some pointers on using AMP with WordPress here!
John Sonmez, Jul 19

The Software Developer's Guide to Salary Negotiation

John Sonmez guides software developers on how to ensure the best possible deal from salary negotiations.
Giulio Mainardi, Jul 18

6 jQuery-inspired Native DOM Manipulation Methods You Should Know

Take a step along the path to library-free development & join Giulio Mainardi for look at six native DOM manipulation methods that were inspired by jQuery.
Design & UX
Nadya Khoja, Jul 18

7 Famous Design Hacks You Can Steal From Star Wars

For all its sci-fi modernism, Star Wars used a lot of classic methods. Nadya has extracted 7 sure-fire design hacks that you can apply to your projects.
Giulio Mainardi, Jul 18

Building a 3D Rotating Carousel with CSS and JavaScript

Giulio Mainardi shows you how to build a 3D rotating carousel using CSS 3D transforms, with some nifty math tricks and some JavaScript to enhance.
Simon Holmes, Jul 17

A Practical Guide to Planning a MEAN Stack Application

From architecture options to wrapping everything in an Express project, Simon Holmes looks at what you need to consider when planning a MEAN stack app.
Alex, Jul 16

21 Excellent Tools & Services for Web Professionals

Take a look at 21 well-reviewed tools and services for developers, designers and entrepreneurs.
Christopher Vundi, Jul 14

Re-Introducing Eloquent's Polymorphic Relationships

Christopher presents Eloquent's polymorphic relationships in a human-friendly way - come learn what they're all about and master this awesome ORM!
Camilo Reyes, Jul 14

The MVC Design Pattern in Vanilla JavaScript

Tired of learning yet another framework? Camilo Reyes teaches you how to implement the MVC design pattern (model-view-controller) in vanilla JavaScript.