Chris Lienert, Mar 27

How to Choose the Right Front-End Framework for Your Company

Chris Lienert talks about selecting the right front-end framework for his company and compares the pros and cons of Angular 2, Aurelia, Vue.js and React.
Maria Antonietta Perna, Mar 27

Is Using SVG Images Good for Your Website's Performance?

Maria Antonietta Perna shows why SVG images can be great for website performance, provided you follow a few simple steps when you design and export them
Christopher Pitt, Mar 27

Game Development with ReactJS and PHP: How Compatible Are They?

Chris bootstraps a basic Stardew-Valley-like game in this game development with PHP post, using an async server, preprocessors, and ReactJS!
Daniel Schwarz, Mar 26

How to Leave Your Terrible Job or Project This Year

You've decided it's time to leave a job that isn't paying enough, or is making you miserable. Daniel Schwarz shows you how to leave without burning bridges.
Adrian Try, Mar 24

What Sort of Hosting Should I Choose for My Website?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a web hosting plan. In this article, Adrian Try explains them and helps you make a decision.
Maria Antonietta Perna, Mar 24

Five CSS Performance Tools to Speed up Your Website

Maria Antonietta Perna highlights the importance of a fast-loading website and introduces five CSS performance tools to help you optimize your stylesheets.
Maria Antonietta Perna, Mar 24

Cut the File Size with These Three HTML Minification Tools

Maria Antonietta Perna introduces three HTML minification tools to automate optimization of your markup for a faster website and better user experience.
Bert Ramakers, Mar 24

Creating Strictly Typed Arrays and Collections in PHP

Bert discusses an interesting approach to creating arrays and collections that automatically enforce certain types - both scalar and fully custom
Manuel Matuzovic, Mar 23

Writing JavaScript with Accessibility in Mind

Don't let accessibility be an afterthought! Join Manuel Matuzovic for some easy-to-implement tips and tricks to improve users interactions with your site.
Ahmad Ajmi, Mar 23

An Introduction to the CSS Grid Layout Module

Ahmad Ajmi introduces the future of layout: The CSS Grid Layout Module. He discusses the basic concepts along with demos.
Nitish Kumar, Mar 23

Seven Ways You Can Place Elements Using CSS Grid Layout

Nitish Kumar shows seven ways in which CSS Grid Layout lets front-end developers quickly and intuitively place content on the web.
M. David Green, Mar 22

Scrum: Walking through a Story (Part 3)

In this book excerpt, we continue looking into the importance of walking through a story during Scrum processes.
Ariel Elkin, Mar 22

Editorial: Put Your Code Where Your Mouth Is

We may be familiar with Siri, Google Now, and Cortana as the mobile operating system’s native voice-operated assistants, but Apple has gone a step further and published an API that allows developers to recognise speech and make use of it. iOS users are already used to Siri to interact with apps and dictate text, and now developers have direct access to that text. With great power comes great responsibility, as they say on the web. What are some new powers we are getting thanks to this technology, and what are some of the risks?
Jeff Smith, Mar 22

Managing WordPress Updates with InfiniteWP

If you manage updates and backups for multiple WordPress sites, InfiniteWP can provide the leverage you need to be more efficient at multi-site maintenance.
Joe Zimmerman, Mar 22

Simplifying Asynchronous Coding with Async Functions

Joe Zimmermann takes a look at async functions (which are coming our way in ES2017) and how we might use them today to avoid the callback pyramid of doom.
Craig Buckler, Mar 22

How to Create WordPress MySQL Databases on cPanel

Craig's simple tutorial is for anyone who's ever struggled to install a WordPress MySQL database using cPanel. That's everyone, right?!
Indrek Ots, Mar 22

Java's Ternary Operator in Three Minutes

Java's ternary operator (aka conditional operator) can be summarized as a shortcut for the if statement. Used with care, it improves readability.
Paul Maplesden, Mar 22

How to Create a Beautiful Portfolio Website with Squarespace

Pau Maplesden shows you how to create a beautiful portfolio website for your freelance business with Squarespace.
Design & UX
Alex Walker, Mar 22

Killer GIFs: How Can an Animated GIF Become a Weapon?

GIFs are the jokers of the web image formats – usually funny and playful. But can they be turned into a dangerous weapon in the right situation?
Thomas Punt, Mar 22

Parallel Programming with Pthreads in PHP - the Fundamentals

Thomas explains the most recent version of pthreads targeting PHP 7+ and demonstrates all the new features it brought along. Get started with parallelism!
Deivi Taka, Mar 22

iOS Speech APIs Tutorial

With the launch of iOS 10 developers can make use of a new exciting API: Speech Recognition. The concept of translating audio to text is known to both the users and the developers. iOS has offered this feature through Siri, and its keyboard dictation button in the previous versions. Yet, the new framework has more benefits and is easy to implement, as you are soon to discover. The code for this article can be downloaded on GitHub. Dictation was hard to work with, because of its limitations. It was possible to access it only through the default keyboard, or elements that support TextKit. If the keyboard language wasn’t supported, too bad for you! Recognition could only be performed on live audio, and all you had in return was plain text. That could be more than enough for certain apps, but you may want to do a little more. The API offers more functionalities to the developers. It allows them to use the framework anywhere in their app, without the need of the keyboard presence. Audio can be given as input from a pre-recorded file, or a live source. In both cases, you have control on when to start and stop the operation, which was not possible before. Additionally, the language can be set regardless of the system language. You can choose between over 50 available languages.
M. David Green, Mar 21

Scrum: Working through a Story (Part 2)

In this exclusive excerpt from our book Scrum: Novice to Ninja, we look at the importance of the second Standup and why developers should utilize it.
M. David Green, Mar 21

Increasing Productivity by Slowing Down, with Jason Lengstorf

In this episode of the Versioning Show, Tim and David are joined by Jason Lengstorf, a developer and designer at IBM.
Sid Galada, Mar 21

How Much Is My App Worth and How Do I Sell It?

Sid Galada shows you how to valuate your app and sell it when you're ready to move on to the next project.