Versioning Show, Episode 6, with Jen Simmons

M. David Green, 3 hours ago
Tim and David are joined by Jen Simmons, Designer Advocate at Mozilla, award-winning podcaster and regular conference presenter.

Getting Up and Running with Hapi.js

Andrew Van Slaars, 22 hours ago
Hapi JS is a rich framework for building web applications and services on Node JS. Built with modularity in mind and focusing on...

4 Agile Ways to Handle Bugs in Production

M. David Green, 4 hours ago
Sometimes unexpected bugs threaten to get in the way of your current sprint. Agile expert M. David Green suggests four strategies for...

An Introduction to the Web Audio API

James Wright, Aug 23
The Web Audio API allows developers to leverage powerful audio processing techniques in the browser using JavaScript. In this series, you...

How to Save Data with NSUserDefaults

Sandy Ludosky, Aug 22
The use of data persistence is absolutely pivotal when developing iOS apps, and NSUserDefaults provides one option for data persistence in...

Building Animated Components, or How React Makes D3 Better

Swizec Teller, 4 hours ago
Use React and D3.js to build declarative, reusable visualization components. Swizec Teller waxes lyrical about the benefits of combining...

Better Engineering with Redux-Saga

Sam Slotsky, Aug 16
In this final installment of the series, we finish off the features we want from our Twitter app and then address the problems with our...
Web Dev @ Microsoft

Exploring React's State Propagation

Eric Greene, 8 hours ago
Following his article on working with data in React, Eric Greene of the Microsoft Developer Network looks at state propagation in React.

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