Design & UX
Valeriia Timokhina, Apr 11

25 Design Conferences That Will Blow Your Mind in 2017

Valeriia Timokhina spills the beans on the best design and UX conferences to attend in 2017. Stay up to date with the latest advancements in your industry.
Rachel McPherson, Apr 10

How to Keep Your Marketing Campaigns Organized

Rachel McPherson shows how to keep your digital marketing campaigns organized using content calendars, goals and productivity software.
Ariel Elkin, Apr 10

Editorial: Is It the End of an Era for Windows?

The world of mobile has just passed an important milestone: Android is now the world's most popular operating system for accessing the internet. Research carried out by analytics firm StatCounter has found that in the month of March 2017, internet usage on Android surpassed internet usage on Windows. Yet StatCounter's CEO, Aodhan Cullen, was ecstatic: This is a milestone in technology history and the end of an era. [...] It marks the end of Microsoft’s leadership worldwide of the OS market which it has held since the 1980s. It also represents a major breakthrough for Android which held just 2.4% of global internet usage share only five years ago. Android is indeed making enormous leaps in the wider IT space, seducing millions of new users every year. Android has provided a viable platform for the world to access the internet. The shift to mobile has not been uniform accross the globe: In Europe, Android has just has 23.6% of the market share; in Africa it owns 53.5% (versus 35% for Windows), in Asia, 52.2% (versus 29.2% for Windows).
Stephen Connolly, Apr 10

Which Java Logging Framework Has the Best Performance?

Out of Java's three big logging frameworks (Java Util Logging, Log4j 2, and Logback), which one has the best performance?
James Wright, Apr 10

Learning JavaScript Test-Driven Development by Example

James Wright introduces test-driven development and walks through creating and refactoring a simple form validation library, step-by-step, as an example.
Kevin Wood, Apr 10

How to Build a Content Strategy From the Ground Up

Kevin Wood shows you how to build your content strategy, from planning through production, promotion, testing and measurement.
Patrick Catanzariti, Apr 10

Five Simple Ways to Build Artificial Intelligence in 2017

Patrick Catanzariti looks at APIs and services which enable artificial intelligence capable of everything from personal assistants to image recognition.
Younes Rafie, Apr 07

An Alternative Laravel Package Development Workflow

After we published Francesco's Laravel Package development workflow a month ago, Younes chimes in with his own Laravel Package development approach!
Alexis Goldstein, Apr 06

Relational and Attribute Selectors in CSS3

In this excerpt from our book, HTML5 & CSS3 for the Real World (2nd Edition), we look at Relational and Attribute Selectors in CSS3
Ado Kukic, Apr 06

Easily Migrate Your Existing Users to Auth0

Learn how to painlessly migrate your existing users to Auth0 without requiring password resets.
Lukas Eder, Apr 06

10 Things You Didn't Know About Java

Learn more about Java and the JVM: 10 obscure details you didn't know they could do. Did you know, for example, that checked exceptions are a fiction?
Design & UX
Daniel Schwarz, Apr 06

Responsive Design in Sketch: It's Finally Here!

We've waited and improvised, but now the wait is over. Sketch now offers responsive design features, but how does it compare to the Auto Layout Plugin?
Thorben Janssen, Apr 05

How to Select POJOs with a CriteriaQuery

The Criteria API provides a type-safe way to define queries programmatically. This article shows how to select Plain Old Java Objects with a CriteriaQuery.
Maria Antonietta Perna, Apr 05

What Is the Right Image Format for Your Website?

Maria Antonietta Perna introduces five image formats for the web: JPG, GIF, PNG, SVG and WebP and explains how to choose the right image format for the web.
Tania Rascia, Apr 05

Back to Basics: JavaScript Operators, Conditionals & Functions

Get a solid understanding of the language from first principles, as Tania Rascia explains the basics of JavaScript operators, conditionals and functions.
Jeff Smith, Apr 05

WordPress Version Control with Git

You WordPress site should be version controlled! Take a look at using Git with WordPress, try out VersionPress, or investigate your host's Git options.
Jon Persson, Apr 05

Quick Tip: How to Build Customizable HTML Widgets in Jekyll

In this quick tip, Jon Persson shows how to build a customizable HTML widget for the static website generator Jekyll in a few simple steps.
Reza Lavaryan, Apr 05

Easily Add Social Logins to Your App with Socialite

Implementing social logins is making your head explode? Oauth to complex? No more! With Socialite, it's done in 30 minutes, for ANY social service.
Adrian Try, Apr 05

Your Regular WordPress Maintenance Checklist

A well-maintained website runs like clockwork. Keep on top of your maintenance schedule with Adrian Try's WordPress Maintenance Checklist.
Design & UX
Alex Walker, Apr 05

Design Tricks with SVG Filters: A Masked Blur Effect

SVG might be a vector format, but it has some amazingly powerful pixel-based tricks up its sleeve. Follow Alex's journey – if you dare.
Ankul Jain, Apr 05

Building a UI with Kotlin and Anko

Since the beginning of Android development working with UI has been an XML thing. Though theoretically, UI could be programmed using Java, it has not been of much use. Not long ago, JetBrains introduced Kotlin, a modern language targeting the JVM, which could serve this purpose for Android. Jetbrains announced Anko as a faster and easier style of development in Android. Kotlin offers the Anko library as a DSL(Domain Specific Language) to design an Android screen. A quick example: Following is a plain Android UI consisting of an imageView and a Button.
M. David Green, Apr 04

Troubleshooting Scrum

In this exclusive book excerpt from Scrum: Novice to Ninja, we take a look at troubleshooting Scrum and how to overcome obstacles in the process.
M. David Green, Apr 04

Online Security and Being Super Productive, with Azat Mardan

In this episode of the Versioning Show, David and Tim are joined by Azat Mardan, a software engineer, author, teacher, Node expert and Paleo enthusiast.
Camilo Reyes, Apr 04

Debugging JavaScript with the Node Debugger

Camilo Reyes takes a look at the little known Node Debugger and shows how to use it to hunt down bugs in both server and client-side JavaScript.