Thomas Punt, Mar 22

Parallel Programming with Pthreads in PHP - the Fundamentals

Thomas explains the most recent version of pthreads targeting PHP 7+ and demonstrates all the new features it brought along. Get started with parallelism!
Deivi Taka, Mar 22

iOS Speech APIs Tutorial

With the launch of iOS 10 developers can make use of a new exciting API: Speech Recognition. The concept of translating audio to text is known to both the users and the developers. iOS has offered this feature through Siri, and its keyboard dictation button in the previous versions. Yet, the new framework has more benefits and is easy to implement, as you are soon to discover. The code for this article can be downloaded on GitHub. Dictation was hard to work with, because of its limitations. It was possible to access it only through the default keyboard, or elements that support TextKit. If the keyboard language wasn’t supported, too bad for you! Recognition could only be performed on live audio, and all you had in return was plain text. That could be more than enough for certain apps, but you may want to do a little more. The API offers more functionalities to the developers. It allows them to use the framework anywhere in their app, without the need of the keyboard presence. Audio can be given as input from a pre-recorded file, or a live source. In both cases, you have control on when to start and stop the operation, which was not possible before. Additionally, the language can be set regardless of the system language. You can choose between over 50 available languages.
M. David Green, Mar 21

Scrum: Working through a Story (Part 2)

In this exclusive excerpt from our book Scrum: Novice to Ninja, we look at the importance of the second Standup and why developers should utilize it.
M. David Green, Mar 21

Increasing Productivity by Slowing Down, with Jason Lengstorf

In this episode of the Versioning Show, Tim and David are joined by Jason Lengstorf, a developer and designer at IBM.
Sid Galada, Mar 21

How Much Is My App Worth and How Do I Sell It?

Sid Galada shows you how to valuate your app and sell it when you're ready to move on to the next project.
Craig Buckler, Mar 21

Retrofit Your Website as a Progressive Web App

Provide a great mobile experience without building native apps. Craig Buckler walks you through converting an existing site to a Progressive Web App.
Gajendar Singh, Mar 21

How You Can Use HTML5 Custom Data Attributes and Why

Gajendar Singh walks you through HTML5 custom data attributes, why they're useful, how to style them with CSS and manipulate them with JavaScript and jQuery
Clay Unicorn, Mar 21

Server-Side Swift: Comparing Vapor and Perfect

One of the reasons Swift has become a major player in web development is that there is a variety of great quality frameworks to build web apps. Not all frameworks are created equal, and not all frameworks _feel_ equal. My goal here to compare Perfect and Vapor in terms of their popularity, ease-of-use, features, and community; in order to help you decide which framework is right for you. Vapor has the private backing of a consultancy and Perfect raised $1.5 million in seed funding last year. With the social foothold that Perfect has both in seniority and numbers, one could say that it's the most popular. Then again, Vapor released version 1 in September of 2016 (four months old at the time of this publication) and has risen in popularity to nearly match Perfect in stars and public activity. Popularity is hard to quantify, so here are the facts as of March 2017, and I'll let you decide:
Design & UX
Daniel Schwarz, Mar 21

How to Handoff Designs with Sketch and InVision

Development teams are getting larger and collaboration never more challenging. Can Sketch and Invision help?
Tiffany Brown, Mar 20

CSS Architecture: CSS File Organization

In this exclusive excerpt from our book, CSS Master, we look at the importance of file organization and how it benefits CSS architecture overall.
Jay Sridhar, Mar 20

Implementing a Spring Websocket Server and Client

Learn how to implement a Websocket Server and Client using Spring Framework using the STOMP messaging format and the SockJS protocol.
Nilson Jacques, Mar 20

Life after JavaScript: The Benefits of Learning a 2nd Language

How many programming languages do you know? In this editorial, Nilson Jacques takes a look at some of the benefits of making time to look beyond JavaScript.
Jeff Smith, Mar 20

Why Every Business Needs a Website

Every business needs a website. Developers have been saying it for years, but it has never been more true. Jeff Smith explains.
Bruno Skvorc, Mar 20

Sourcehunt - Build a Medium Exporter + Cool New Libs!

This sourcehunt, we've found a lot of Laravel and/or JSON focused packages. It's an interesting combo which led us to our newest "app idea of the month"!
Alexis Goldstein, Mar 17

HTML5 Video and Audio: The Markup

In this excerpt from our book, HTML5 & CSS3 for the Real World, 2nd Edition, we take you through adding Video and Audio in HTML5.
Craig Buckler, Mar 17

What is HTTP/2?

HTTP/2 will eventually supersede HTTP/1.1. What is it? Can you use it today? Do you need to update your website? Craig Buckler provides the answers.
Francesco Malatesta, Mar 17

My Laravel Package Building Workflow

Francesco tells us about his workflow for building Laravel packages - from PSR-4 baby steps to Facades, Francesco justifies and explains the steps he takes.
Nicolai Parlog, Mar 17

How Project Amber Will Revolutionize Java

Project Amber is the roof under which several productivity-oriented Java language JEPs like more type inference and pattern matching are developed.
Adrian Try, Mar 17

I Need a Website. What Do I Need to Know About Hosting?

For those looking to get online for the first time, web hosting can be a confusing concept. Adrian Try compares it to choosing real estate.
M. David Green, Mar 16

Scrum: Working through a Story (Part 1)

In the last chapter, we were introduced to the product owner's world, and taken through the process of developing and creating a story for the team.
Naveen Karippai, Mar 16

Quick Tip: How JavaScript References Work

Naveen Karippai takes a close look at how JavaScript references work, how they differ from primitive values, and shows how to avoid some common gotchas.
Jérémy Heleine, Mar 16

Understanding WordPress Pages and the Pages API

Jérémy Heleine covers what WordPress pages are, how to manage pages and an overview of some of the functions in the WordPress Pages API.
Alexis Goldstein, Mar 15

HTML5 Forms: Input Types (Part 2)

We delve deeper into various Input Types for HTML% Forms. This is an excerpt from our book, HTML5 & CSS3 for the Real World, 2nd Edition.
Simon Codrington, Mar 15

Top 5 jQuery UI Alternatives

Simon Codrington evaluates 5 widget libraries providing high-quality UI components for building websites & apps. Are they jQuery UI alternatives?