Design & UX
Jon MacDonald, Dec 21

7 Analytics Tools for Optimizing UX

Jon MacDonald introduces 7 tools for optimizing UX, from website usage analytics to heatmap analytics, real-time analytics and advanced customer analytics.
Design & UX
Justin Owings, Dec 20

Analytics Bliss: Quantitative Data with Qualitative Research

Quantitative analytics help identify the biggest opportunities and problems, but fall short on actionable insights—where Qualitative research thrives.
SitePoint Team, Dec 20

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Design & UX
Dino Londis, Dec 19

Developing the User Experience in Your Enterprise Applications

This article discusses the importance of considering UX in enterprise applications, to remember that the ones who build it are different to the end users.
Design & UX
SitePoint Team, Dec 19

Finding the Right Font is Now Easy

This post provides an introduction to WhatFontIs, a cool little tool that will help you identify fonts easily and quickly.
SitePoint Team, Dec 18

How to Handle Your Client's Design Tasks in 2018 like a Pro

Tips and advice for web designers on how to stay competitive, keep on top of workloads and keep your clients happy.
Design & UX
Vincent Feeney, Dec 18

How to Boost UX with Analytics and Customer Journey Mapping

Vincent Feeney explains the purpose of customer journey mapping, showing how you can use both Google Analytics and Hotjar to better understand user's needs.
Craig Buckler, Dec 17

How to Track JavaScript and Ajax Events with Google Analytics

Craig Buckler shows how to use Google Analytics to track not just page views but also events such as Ajax updates, file downloads and social interactions.
Design & UX
Luke Hay, Dec 15

Google Analytics: How to Perform User Research

Luke Hay explains the analytics-first methodology and how to conduct user research by using the tools provided by Google Analytics.
Artem Sarkisov, Dec 14

RubyMine: Code Insight for Ruby and Rails

We answer take a look at the Code Insight feature from RubyMine to help answer the question: "what does RubyMine do that a text editor can't?"
Design & UX
Luke Hay, Dec 14

Google Analytics: the Basics Explained, and Pitfalls to Avoid

Luke Hay introduces Google Analytics, explaining the main tools it offers, what they're for, and pitfalls to avoid when interpreting their results.
Design & UX
Daniel Schwarz, Dec 13

An Introduction to A/B Testing

Daniel Schwarz explains A/B and multivariate testing, how to conduct tests in a structured and progressive way, and lists some popular testing tools.
SitePoint Team, Dec 13

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Adrian Try, Dec 12

How to Find a Niche in the WordPress Ecosystem

Learn from the best in the business on how to build profitable WordPress themes business. Contains helpful tips and advice from industry experts
Design & UX
Craig Buckler, Dec 11

Uploadcare: Your Super-Powered Image CDN

This tutorial takes you through the various ways you can use the Uploadcare CDN API, including responsive images, resizing and progressive image loading
Design & UX
Daniel Schwarz, Dec 11

5 Myths About Data-driven Design

Daniel Schwarz exposes five common myths about data-driven design that cause designers to overlook user-related data that's critical for effective UX.
Design & UX
Daniel Schwarz, Dec 11

UX Analytics: What They Are, and Why They Matter

Daniel Schwarz introduces the meaning of the term UX Analytics, and explains why the data derived from analytics is so important in the field of UX.
SitePoint Team, Dec 06

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Tony Spiro, Dec 05

How to Build a Simple Blog Using React and GraphQL

This tutorial shows you how to easily create a simple blog that is both fast and light-weight, using React, GraphQL and Cosmic JS.
Design & UX
Nadav Soferman, Nov 30

The Complete Video Solution for Web and Mobile Developers

As videos take up more real estate on websites and mobile apps, we introduce Cloudinary's new cloud-based video management solution for developers.
Hayden James, Nov 29

PHP-FPM tuning: Using 'pm static' for Max Performance

Hayden James looks at how best to setup PHP-FPM for high throughput, low latency and a more stable use of CPU and memory.
Ahmed Bouchefra, Nov 28

23 Development Tools for Boosting Website Performance

Ahmed Boucherfra presents 23 tools you should know about for boosting front-end and back-end website performance.
Ahmed Bouchefra, Nov 24

Progressive Web Apps: A Crash Course

Ahmed explains PWAs by showing how to build a PWA from scratch with ES6 and React, optimizing it step by step with Lighthouse for UX and performance.
SitePoint Team, Nov 24

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