Bruno Skvorc, Aug 12

Duolingo for PHP - How Much PHP Can Apps like Mimo Teach?

Let's take a look at Mimo - an app aiming to teach programming "on the go". How much PHP can it teach us? Is it the Duolingo of programming?
Craig Buckler, Aug 10

How to Get Started With and Create a Simple CMS

Craig Buckler shows you how to use RestDB to create a simple CMS.
Michael Romanov, Aug 10

Frame by Frame Animation Tutorial with CSS and JavaScript

Michael Romanov explains how you can build a frame by frame animation with just HTML, CSS and JavaScript which performs well and works great on all browsers
Design & UX
Suzanne Scacca, Aug 10

How to Master Nostalgia Marketing in Web Design

Suzanne explains the user psychology behind nostalgia and how we can utilize nostalgia marketing in web design for higher conversions.
Nick Janetakis, Aug 10

Securing Your Website with HTTPS Is More Important than Ever

Nick Janetakis shows you how to secure your website with HTTPS and Let's Encrypt in under three hours.
Camilo Reyes, Aug 09

JavaScript Design Patterns: The Observer Pattern

Camilo Reyes looks at the observer pattern — a handy pattern to use for keeping parts of a page in sync in response to events and the data they provide.
Vishnu Ajit, Aug 09

Learn Plugin Development with a Bulk Category Creator

Do you want to learn plugin development for WordPress? This post takes you through developing a simple mass category creator plugin as a tutorial!
Andrew McDermott, Aug 09

3 Unexpected Signals Employers Send Before They Fire You

Andrew McDermott provides pointers on how to tell you're about to be fired, and tips on what you can do about it.
Manjunath M, Aug 08

MEAN Stack: Developing an app with Angular 2+ and the Angular CLI

With the release of Angular 2+, it's time to revisit the MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node). Manjunath M builds a bucket list app.
Hugo Giraudel, Aug 08

What's the Difference Between Sass and SCSS?

Hugo Giraudel explains clearly the differences between Sass and SCSS and offers an overview of the two syntaxes, a bit of history, and his recommendations.
Design & UX
Mukund Krishna, Aug 08

Can AI Solve Your UX Design Problems?

It's easy to think of AI as the stuff of abstract computer science, but, increasingly, we're beginning to seeing Artificial Intelligence in UX design.
M. David Green, Aug 07

Grab Our Free Printable Functional JavaScript Cheat Sheet

Functional programming (FP) has become a hot topic in the JavaScript community. It's being touted as a great way of building scalable and maintainable applications and we're staring to see many of its core principles incorporated into libraries and frameworks — for example stateless functional components in React.
Asha Laxmi, Aug 07

CSS Inheritance: An Introduction

Asha Laxmi introduces and explains what CSS inheritance is, how it helps development, and what pitfalls to avoid while using it.
Shahroze Nawaz, Aug 07

What Are the Workflows of Prominent PHP Community Members?

Sharoze asks some prominent community members about their development workflow - some answers are predictable, others will surprise. What can you relate to?
Tobias Nyholm, Aug 04

Introducing the Neo4j Symfony Bundle

Tobias introduces us to the Neo4j bundle for Symfony. Dive into the mysterious (and mysteriously efficient) world that is graph databases with this tool!
Design & UX
Darin Dimitroff, Aug 03

UI vs UX: What is the Difference?

Try a quick search on the difference between UI vs UX yields ketchup bottles and grass lanes.
Brian Greig, Aug 02

Quick Tip: Getting Started with Headless Chrome in Node.js

Brain Greig shows you how to get up and running with Headless Chrome and demonstrates how to capture screenshots of pages as you use it to navigate a site.
Christopher Vundi, Aug 02

What Are the New Features in Laravel 5.5?

Christopher goes through new features in Laravel 5.5, explaining and demonstrating each, and linking to further resources about them. Dive into 5.5 now!
Jenni McKinnon, Aug 02

Geo-Targeting WordPress Content to Personalize Your Site

Want to personalize your site for visitors from various countries or locales? Take a look at this guide on geo-targeting WordPress content!
Olayinka Omole, Aug 02

Nuxt.js: A Universal Vue.js Application Framework

Improve the loading performance and SEO of your Vue.js apps with Server-side rendering (SSR). Learn to build a universal Vue app with the Nuxt.js framework.
Adrian Sandu, Aug 02

Replaced Elements in HTML: Myths and Realities

Adrian Sandu shares some myths and facts about HTML replaced elements and how browsers treat them according to the specifications.
Darren Wood, Aug 01

Getting Started with Sass

Darren Wood offers an overview of Sass (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets), where you'll learn why you need it and how to get started with it right now.
Design & UX
Marc Schenker, Aug 01

A Designer's Guide to Fast Websites and Perceived Performance

Perceived Performance is just as important as actual Page Speed. Marc Schenker explains why, and what this means for user interface designers.
Bruno Skvorc, Jul 31

Re-Introducing PHPUnit - Getting Started with TDD in PHP

Let's take a fresh look at PHPUnit - the de-facto TDD tool for PHP. We'll explain TDD on an example, implement code coverage, and more!