Design & UX
Chris Ward, May 02

The Meaning and Purpose of Responsive Web Design

How do we support this ever-increasing array of devices? The answer is responsive web design, which allows websites to adapt to screens of all sizes.
Larry Alton, May 02

Location-Based Marketing Will Rely on Mobile in 2017

More than 74 percent of adults own a smartphone. What's more, most of these adults won't leave the house without their phones. This obsession allows organizations to collect endless amounts of data. Phones with GPS beacons and apps make it easy for stores to gather data and develop insights regarding the typical actions of consumers. It's not surprising that location-based marketing (LBM) has centered on mobile.

Study Shows Mobile Location-Based Marketing Creates Deeper Relationships with Customers

Recently, the Location Based Marketing Association (LBMA) released a semi-annual Global Location Trends Report, revealing huge trends in usage and investments regarding location-based marketing and projections for implementing relevant technology in 2017.

Design & UX
Gabrielle Gosha, May 02

GIF, PNG, JPG or SVG. Which One To Use?

This short guide outlines the differences between the file types and also uses a couple of examples to show you how the file sizes vary.
Bruno Skvorc, May 02

Can 9-to-5 Developers Be Good Developers?

Discussing recycled conference talks and developers who stop learning after 5pm (when they come home from work). Are you one of them? Can they ever be good?
Pierre-Yves Saumont, May 01

Lessons in Abstraction: What FP Can Teach OOP

Abstraction is the key to tenable code bases. Where OOP eyes abstraction with suspicion, functional programming pushes it as far as possible.
James Hibbard, May 01

How to Write Shell Scripts with JavaScript

JavaScript is well suited to desktop scripting tasks. James Hibbard looks at how you can leverage JavaScript's power to write your own shell scripts.
Deji Akala, Apr 29

Upgrading Sylius the TDD Way: Exploring Behat

We focus on Behat now to further extend Sylius in true TDD fashion. We write stories, we test against them, and then we develop features to make them pass!
Nicolai Parlog, Apr 28

Where's the Java?

Deji Akala, Apr 28

Upgrading Sylius the TDD Way: Exploring PhpSpec

Deji extends the core of Sylius by adding some back end features via true TDD: writing PhpSpec tests first, seeing that they fail, and then making them pass
Digital Marketing by WooRank
Stephen Tasker, Apr 27

5 Technical SEO Traps to Dodge

Stephen Tasker looks at five commonly overlooked issues with technical SEO that could be holding your site's ranking performance back.
Baljeet Rathi, Apr 27

How to Set CSS Margins and Padding (And Cool Layout Tricks)

Baljeet Rathi explains the use of CSS margins vs padding, the box model, bleeding and collapsing margins, and concludes with some cool layout tricks.
Marcello Duarte, Apr 27

Functional Programming with Phunkie: Parser Combinators in PHP

Marcello Duarte of Inviqa shares some functional programming insight with us by teaching us how to build Parser combinations with Phunkie! Hardcore!
Andrew McDermott, Apr 27

6 Unexpected Mistakes That Keep Developers from Getting a Raise

Wondering why you got passed over for a raise after doing a stand-out job? Andrew McDermott explains six mistakes developers make in their careers.
Design & UX
David Attard, Apr 27

6 Tools to Stop Your Devs and Designers Strangling Each Other

Having the best developers and designers on the planet is no good if they aren't on the same page. David has the tools to help you fit them together.
Ariel Elkin, Apr 26

Editorial: Is Smartphone Addiction a Problem for Developers?

Is smartphone addiction a good thing for developers? You know the directive: " make great apps that users love. " And what's the sign that a user _loves_ your app? They use it _frequently_. Frequent relations with your app are a sign of commitment, and commitment is a sign of love. But how does this scale? As it turns out, a recent report has found that a third of British children are not able to achieve a good balance between screen time and their other activities. Elsewhere in the world, "smartphone rehab" centres (yes, really) are opening up to offer recovery programs for people whose use of electronic devices is excessive. In other, cruder, words, they are smartphone addicts. A smartphone dependency might not be as flagrant as you'd think. It's a dependency when it prevents you from adequately engaging in other activities. Consider the simple activity of having a dinner with friends or family. If you see a smartphone placed on top of the dinner table, with attention automatically diverted to it whenever its screen periodically flashes up, then its owner is not fully engaging with the rest of the diners. They are in two places at the same time.
Indrek Ots, Apr 26

Java's While and Do-While Loops in Five Minutes

A while loop is a control flow statement that runs a piece of code multiple times. It consists of a loop condition and body. Java also has a do while loop.
Lucero del Alba, Apr 26

7 Deep Work Tips That Will Dramatically Boost Your Productivity

Lucero del Alba explains how you can start changing your habits to favor deep work, so you can get more done while freeing up more time for living life.
Jack Franklin, Apr 26

How to Organize a Large React Application and Make It Scale

Jack Franklin describes a set of tips and best practices for creating and organizing React applications in a scalable way.
Louis Lazaris, Apr 26

The Ultimate CSS Survey 2017

SitePoint's 2nd annual CSS Survey to give us a better idea of the knowledge, experience, habits, and practices of CSS developers from around the world.
Ada Ivanoff, Apr 26

10 Free UI Kits for Android Nougat and iOS 10

Ada Ivanoff shows 10 of her favorite Free UI Templates for Android Lollipop and iOS 8 application design.
Chris Ward, Apr 25

Creating Media Queries for Responsive Web Designs

This article outlines how to create a basic media query, utilizing logical operators and media features to target any type of device
Paddy Sherry, Apr 25

How to Land a Development Job Without Experience

Paddy provides tips for landing your first development job when you're fresh out of a technical degree but lack commercial development experience.
Charles Costa, Apr 25

The 3 SaaS Metrics That Matter (& How to Improve Them)

It's easy to get bogged down with meaningless business metrics. Charles Costa looks at the three you need to watch if you're starting a SaaS business.
Jurgen Van de Moere, Apr 25

The Ultimate Angular CLI Reference Guide

Create new Angular 2 applications, scaffold components, run tests, and build for production with Jurgen Van de Moere's guide to Angular CLI