Simon Julian, Jun 07

Website help? Get your website up and running

Simon Julian, Jun 07

JavaScript: Novice to Ninja 2nd Edition - launched Sep 2017

JavaScript is a must-have skill for all web developers. The second edition of JavaScript: Novice to Ninja is a fun, practical, and comprehensive guide to the modern usage of this deceptively powerful language.
Tonino Jankov, Jun 07

The Complete Guide to WordPress Performance Optimization

Tonino lists tools, tips and best practices for optimizing WordPress sites — from hosting options to asset management, caching and software considerations.
Jesse Krasnostein, Jun 07

How to Integrate MongoDB Atlas and Segment using MongoDB Stitch

Learn how to tie multiple systems, APIs, and third-party services together using MongoDB Stitch.
Michael Wanyoike, Jun 07

Build a JavaScript Single Page App Without a Framework

Michael shows how to build an SPA from scratch, without using a client-side JavaScript framework — helping you evaluate what these frameworks actually do.
Design & UX
James George, Jun 07

How to Prototype a Starship Computer Interface with Mockplus

If software designers in sci-fi universes had a prototyping tool like Mockplus, there'd be far fewer crashes on the intergalactic highway.
Nilson Jacques, Jun 06

Replacing jQuery with Vue

Nilson takes a shot at convincing you that using Vue.js doesn’t have to be a headache, and will help you write better code faster, even for basic projects.
Design & UX
Justin Owings, Jun 06

Optimizing Bounce Rates with FullStory’s Session Replay Tool

Justin Owings looks at how a bounce rate can be used as a way to identify opportunities for search engine, app copy, landing page, and UX optimization.
Tonino Jankov, Jun 06

How to Deploy a WordPress Site on Alibaba Cloud SAS

How to deploy a WordPress site on Alibaba Cloud's Simple Application Server, using WP-CLI and configured extras like SSL.
Mislav Javor, Jun 06

An Introduction to Geth and Running Ethereum Nodes

Mislav Javor introduces Geth, the various types of Ethereum nodes, and their purpose, showing how to run a Geth node and enhance it with third-party tools.
Michael Wanyoike, Jun 06

Debugging JavaScript Projects with VS Code & Chrome Debugger

Michael shows how to ditch console.log() and start debugging JavaScript like a pro, using the debugging tools in VS Code and the Chrome Debugger extension.
Michael Wanyoike, Jun 05

10 Must-have VS Code Extensions for JavaScript Developers

Michael lists a selection of must-have VS Code extensions for JavaScript developers, showing why VS Code is a serious contender for best code editor.
Camilo Reyes, Jun 05

WebAssembly: Solving Performance Problems on the Web

Camilo Reyes introduces WebAssembly, explaining what it is and how you can add it to your arsenal to solve performance bottlenecks encountered on the Web.
Design & UX
David Attard, Jun 05

Improving Your Website's UX with Analytics and Hotjar

David Attard shows how Hotjar can be used to identify weaknesses in your UX, and how it can also help to boost the prospects of your MVP.
Bruno Skvorc, Jun 05

An Introduction to MyEtherWallet

Bruno Skvorc walks through the process of generating an Ethereum wallet and sending and receiving ether through the MyEtherWallet interface.
James Kolce, Jun 05

A Beginner’s Guide to Babel

James Kolce introduces Babel, a JS transpiler that allows devs to write cutting-edge code which is translated into JavaScript that runs in all browsers.
Design & UX
Ash Ome, Jun 04

How to Analyze Heatmaps and Create A/B Tests with Crazy Egg

Ash Ome introduces Crazy Egg, showing why its heatmap and A/B testing tools makes it so useful for spotting and fixing website UX problems.
Craig Buckler, Jun 04

JavaScript's New Private Class Fields, and How to Use Them

Craig Buckler examines the proposed class fields feature of JavaScript, which aim to deliver simpler constructors with private and static members.
Michiel Mulders, Jun 04

Solidity Pitfalls: Random Number Generation for Ethereum

This article will guide you through the best practices and pitfalls when using a random number as input for your Ethereum smart contract.
Ahmed Bouchefra, Jun 04

Remix: Develop Smart Contracts for the Ethereum Blockchain

Ahmed Bouchefra introduces the Remix IDE for developing smart contracts for the Ethereum blockchain.
Chris Ward, Jun 04

BigchainDB: Blockchain and Data Storage

Chris Ward looks at the effect blockchain can have on one of the more fundamental parts of the traditional computing space, data storage — covering BigchainDB and other blockchain-based databases.
Craig Buckler, Jun 02

Flow Control in Modern JS: Callbacks to Promises to Async/Await

Craig Buckler digs into key problems related to asynchronous programming in JavaScript, showing how to make your life easier with Promises and async/await.
M. David Green, Jun 01

Best Practices for Using Modern JavaScript Syntax

M. David Green reviews new features of modern JavaScript, such as classes and arrow functions, looking at when you should and perhaps shouldn't use them.
Robert Walters, Jun 01

Getting Started with Python and MongoDB

In this article, you will learn how to work with MongoDB articles in Python, using the PyMongo driver.