Adrian Try, May 23

How Korske Ara of World Photo Day Uses WordPress

How do normal people use WordPress in their businesses? Adrian Try catches up with Korske Ara, founder of World Photo Day, to find out.
Patrick Catanzariti, May 23

How to Connect Your Api.ai Assistant to the IoT

Patrick Catanzariti explores how to connect an Api.ai assistant to Jawbone Up's API via a Node.js server as an example of IoT connectivity.
Yaphi Berhanu, May 23

How to Make a Simple JavaScript Quiz

Yaphi Berhanu walks you through making your own simple JavaScript quiz. This is a fun exercise and a great way to learn a variety of coding techniques.
Lasse Rafn, May 23

How to Use Laravel Mix in Non-Laravel Projects

Is it possible to use Laravel Mix - the "Webpack simplifier" - in non-Laravel projects? Let's find out! Join Lasse Rafn on this explanatory journey!
Simon Codrington, May 23

Inspirational UI Design Ideas for Your Next Website Project

Simon Codrington illustrates some stunning UI design ideas using CSS animation and gradients to inspire your creativity for your next website project.
Theodhor Pandeli, May 23

How to Authenticate your Android Users Using Phone or Email

In this tutorial I will show how to use Facebook’s Account Kit Tool to allow users to log in or sign up using their phone number or email. You can find the completed project on Github. After creating your project, please make sure that you add your Application to the Facebook’s Developers console and obtain your APP ID. Once your Android Studio project has been set up, go to your Project/build.gradle and add mavenCentral() inside the repositories{ } Also open your app/build.gradle file and add the Account Kit dependency: compile 'com.facebook.android:account-kit-sdk:4.20.0'
Design & UX
Alex Walker, May 23

New Podcast: #Ep1 - Designing for Scale: Inside Atlassian’s Design Teams

True North Design Podcast: Ben Newton talks to the Atlassian Design Team about how design – and the teams behind it – can successfully scale.
Patrick Catanzariti, May 22

How to Build Your Own AI Assistant Using Api.ai

Patrick Catanzariti looks at how to build a smart personal assistant using Api.ai's artificial intelligence and natural processing SDKs.
Eevee, May 22

Python for Java People

You use Java. I use Python. Let me try to sell you on it. The joy of dynamic typing, some helpful tricks with functions, and powerful class customization.
Brian Greig, May 22

Introduction to Data Management & Visualization in JavaScript

From choosing the right data store to charting libraries, Brian Grieg introduces the tools, techniques, and concepts behind data management in JavaScript.
Léonard Hetsch, May 22

Building APIs with Ruby on Rails and GraphQL

Léonard demonstrates the possibilities offered by GraphQL and Rails by implementing a simple movies database API.
Claudio Ribeiro, May 21

Re-Introducing Composer - the Cornerstone of Modern PHP Apps

Claudio re-introduces a tool that most revolutionized the way we develop PHP apps: Composer, PHP's dependency manager. Still unfamiliar with it? Dive in!
Danny van Kooten, May 19

Jumping from PHP to Go: Blasphemy, Bravado or Common Sense?

Danny explains why he moved from Laravel to a Go version of his app and explains which advantages a Golang rewrite of his web app brought him.
Jeff Smith, May 18

WordPress: A World-Class Content Management System

How do you feel about WordPress - world-class content management system, or antiquated & insecure? Jeff responds to some criticisms of the platform.
Mike Cantelon, May 18

A Guide to Testing and Debugging Node Applications

Mike Cantelon demonstrates various strategies for testing Node applications and offers some handy tips and tricks for debugging failing tests.
Parth Misra, May 18

How to Conduct Cold Email Outreach like a Pro

Parth Misra explains how to increase your cold email outreach response rate, while staying clear of spammy tactics.
Larry Alton, May 17

4 Wearable Predictions You Should Know About

Charles Costa, May 17

Your Next Marketing Strategy Depends on Complex Data Analytics

Charles Costa looks at the rise of data-driven marketing, and what you need to know to take advantage of it without being overwhelmed by vanity metrics.
Michael Paris, May 17

REST 2.0 Is Here and Its Name Is GraphQL

What is GraphQL, and why should you use it? Michael Paris looks at this extremely powerful successor to REST for building efficient data-driven applications
Ivaylo Gerchev, May 17

The 5 Most Popular Frontend Frameworks of 2017 Compared

Ivaylo Gerchev looks at the most downloaded frontend frameworks available today and offers some suggestions on how to choose one that's right for you.
Michael Ye, May 17

Succeeding with Mobile Ads

For most developers, there comes a time when they need to evaluate theirmonetization approach and decide whether having in-app advertisements is theright fit for their app. If the answer is yes, and they want to move forwardwith ads, the next step is to evaluate what advertising mediation platformmakes sense for them to integrate. What is an Ad Mediation Platform? An ad mediation platform, simplifies advertising by allowingpublishers to integrate with a variety of ad networks or demand-sideplatforms (DSP) to maximize eCPM. These ad providers are placed on a waterfall,and will serve ads according to various thresholds you set. The greatestbenefit of using a mediator is that you only have to integrate any ad unitonce. Adding a new ad provider is as easy as adding a new SDK to your build.gradle or Podfile,and then adding adapter files. The mediation SDK will then use reflection to invoke our adapter files, which in turninvoke its respective ad SDK to display the ad. Choosing which specific platform to use will depend on many factors suchas: platform support (iOS, Android, Unity), ad unit type availability (banner,interstitial, video), community support, and open-sourcing of client-side code.Some popular platforms include: MoPub, AerServ, Fyber,and AdMob.
Design & UX
Daniel Schwarz, May 17

IDEO Font Map: A Faster Way to Find the Best Google Fonts

In this quick tip, Daniel Schwarz shows us how to use a machine learning font map to find the perfect Google Font, in the fastest way possible.
M. David Green, May 16

CSS Animation, Prototyping Tools, and Sources of Inspiration, with Donovan Hutchinson

In this episode of the Versioning Show, Tim and David are joined by Donovan Hutchinson, a developer, teacher and proprietor of CSSanimation.rocks.
Larry Alton, May 16

The 2 Secrets to Successfully Selling Online Courses

The e-learning industry is booming, expected to be worth $240 billion by 2023. Larry Alton looks at two themes among successful online course ventures.