Kirk Madera, Sep 04

Rapid Development of Zend Expressive Modules

Kirk Madera goes through the process of creating the R side of a blog module CRUD in this quick, 10-minute Zend Expressive tutorial, demonstrating its power
Lucero del Alba, Sep 04

Why Developers Should Consider Hosting

Lucero del Alba looks at the pros and cons of hosting, explaining why it's a good option for web developers.
Yaphi Berhanu, Aug 31

Learning JavaScript: 9 Common Mistakes That Are Holding You Back

Many people try learning JavaScript and then give up. Yaphi Berhanu looks at 9 common mistakes and gives you tips to overcome them and master JavaScript!
Gajendar Singh, Aug 30

How to Create CSS Conic Gradients for Pie Charts and More

Gajendar Singh shows how to create conic gradients in CSS, a new standard championed by Lea Verou which lets you build pie charts and more without images.
James Hibbard, Aug 30

6 jQuery Form Wizard Plugins

jQuery Form Wizard is a jQuery plugin for creating form wizard or form flow without refreshing your page or webpage. We have listed 6 of them in this post.
Larry Alton, Aug 30

Debunking 3 Common WordPress Myths

Are you considering using WordPress, and have some worries about it based on things you've heard? Larry debunks some common WordPress myths in this post.
Design & UX
John Stevens, Aug 30

UX Lessons from Amazon: 4 Hacks Guaranteed to Boost Conversions

John Stevens talks about how Amazon is breaking records when it comes to conversions, and what you can do about your own UX to mirror their success.
Lucero del Alba, Aug 29

5 Ways to Get Started with Machine Learning

Lucero del Alba surveys online resources and courses — both free and paid — for getting started with Machine Learning.
Jurgen Van de Moere, Aug 28

An Introduction to Component Routing with Angular Router

Learn how to update an Angular app when the URL changes & trigger data loading with Angular Router. Jurgen Van de Moere teaches Angular routing from scratch
Kirk Madera, Aug 28

Rapid Enterprise App Development with Zend Expressive

Kirk presents a way to get going quickly with Zend Expressive, setting up an enterprise-ready application bootstrap in under 10 minutes. Awesome!
Christopher Pitt, Aug 25

ReactJS in PHP: Writing Compilers Is Easy and Fun!

Christopher Pitt is back with another esoteric use case in PHP land - building custom compilers! Here he builds one which can process ReactJS code in PHP!
Andrew McDermott, Aug 25

4 Signs Your Employer Will Ruin Your Career

Andrew McDermott explores the qualities of difficult employers, and how to avoid them and protect your employment opportunities.
Roman Lubushkin, Aug 24

Visualize Large Date and Time-Based Datasets with AnyStock

Do you need to chart date or time-based data? Roman Lubushkin takes a look at AnyStock, a JavaScript stock and financial charting library from AnyChart.
Maria Antonietta Perna, Aug 24

Fancy Web Animations Made Easy with GreenSock Plugins

Maria Antonietta Perna gives you an overview of GreenSock plugins to add complex animations to your project quickly and in a few lines of code.
Design & UX
Nadya Khoja, Aug 24

15 Color Schemes From Disney Heroes and Villains

Nadya extracts 15 color schemes from well-known Disney heroes and villains and beautifully illustrates how they affect the way we view these characters.
Kayla Matthews, Aug 24

10 Ways to Keep Your Programming Skills Sharp Between Jobs

Kayla Matthews suggests ways to keep in touch with programming and advance your skills even when you're not employed.
Gajendar Singh, Aug 23

Improve Web Typography with CSS Font Size Adjust

Gajendar Singh introduces you to the font-size-adjust CSS property and explains why it's important and how you can use it to enhance your web typography.
Muhammad Owais Alam, Aug 23

How to Customize WooCommerce Product Pages

Have you ever wanted to customize WooCommerce product pages to make them really fit your site? Take a look here to find out how!
Adrian Try, Aug 23

The Best Markdown Editor for Linux

Adrian Try covers a selection of the best Markdown editors for Linux, with tips on how to choose the best one for you.
Craig Buckler, Aug 22

Truthy and Falsy: When All is Not Equal in JavaScript

Anything in JavaScript can be considered either truthy or falsy. Craig looks at what these values are and the bizarre rules that apply when they're compared
Byron Houwens, Aug 22

Converting Your Typographic Units with Sass

Byron shows us a neat Sass function to convert typographic units in CSS. Learn how to convert pixels into em and percentage units with the magic of Sass.
Design & UX
Gabrielle Gosha, Aug 22

7 Astonishing Artists and Designers to Follow on Behance

Our #1 design writer, Gabrielle, talks about the most astonishing artists and designers to follow on Behance when you need an inspiring creativity boost.
Lucero del Alba, Aug 22

A Comparison of Shared and Cloud Hosting, and How to Choose

Lucero del Alba explains the differences between shared and cloud hosting, with practical tips on how to decide which is the best option for you.
James Kolce, Aug 21

10 Languages That Compile to JavaScript

Thanks to transpilers, front-end applications are no longer limited to JavaScript. James Kolce looks at 10 different languages that compile to JavaScript.