Theodhor Pandeli, Feb 21

Integrating the Facebook Graph API in Android

In this tutorial, I will show how to send requests and get data from Facebook using Graph API. You can find the project on Github In order to perform requests to Graph API, the user must be logged in with the Facebook SDK for Android. I am not going to explain how to set up the login process in this article. You can find the Facebook Login Integration article here Watch every action your users perform in your app! Make sure you have an up to date version of Android Studio. I am using version 2.2.3 Open Android Studio and create a New Project, naming it as you wish. Click Next, choose Minimum API level 17 and click Next again. Choose Empty Activity as the first activity, name it LoginActivity and click Finish.
Design & UX
Claudia Elliott, Feb 21

10 Web Design & UX Trends for 2017 That Can Boost Conversions

Trends are interesting, but more important is how these 2017 web design and UX trends boost conversions.
Bruno Skvorc, Feb 21

Sourcehunt: Idea of the Month and 6 Interesting Repos!

Sourcehunt Feb, apart from promoting really interesting open source repos, now also features an app idea of the month, worth a fortune. Check it out!
Design & UX
Anada Lakra, Feb 21

How to Name Your Business with a Little Help from Design Thinking

Having trouble naming your brand? Here's a excellent step-by-step process on how to name a brand from the team at 99designs.
M. David Green, Feb 20

Scrum Artifacts: Velocity and Burndown Charts

velocity is how a scrum team measures the amount of work they can complete in a typical sprint. By tracking the number of story points the team can
Pierre-Yves Saumont, Feb 20

Lazy Computations in Java with a Lazy Type

Java is known as a mostly strict language. It's useful, however, to implement a 'Lazy' type for lazy initialization, deferred computations, etc.
Nilson Jacques, Feb 20

Behind the Scenes: A Look at SitePoint's Peer Review Program

Nilson Jacques takes a look at how SitePoint uses peer review to help ensure we publish high-quality content, and gives you the opportunity to get involved.
Louis Lazaris, Feb 17

Validating HTML5 Documents

Let’s expand upon the concepts of validations a little more so that you can better understand how validating pages has changed
Nicolai Parlog, Feb 17

How Conferences Feed the Hype Cycle

Lots of great conferences have lots of great speakers. But does the lack of everyday developers speaking about their experiences feed the hype cycle?
Jérémy Heleine, Feb 17

An Introduction to WordPress Permalinks

In this article, Jérémy Heleine provides an introduction to permalinks, so that you’ll be able to choose the best type for your WordPress site.
Azat Mardan, Feb 16

How to Work with and Manipulate State in React

An excerpt from Azat Mardan's "React Quickly" book, which explains how to work with state in React and takes a look at the difference between state & props.
Christopher Pitt, Feb 16

Writing Async Libraries - Let's Convert HTML to PDF

Chris goes through the whole process of building a PHP async library for converting HTML to PDF - magical stuff!
Design & UX
Saad Al-Sabbagh, Feb 16

5 Ideas to Improve Your Website UX in Under 2 Hours

Sometimes small changes can make a big difference to your UX. Saad has 5 relatively simple ways you can improve your UX in a morning's work.
M. David Green, Feb 16

Scrum Artifacts: Definition of Done

Declaring a story to be done is a means of verifying that all of its critical aspects have been completed based on the way each team works.
Design & UX
John Barton, Feb 16

An Engineering Manager's Guide to Rebranding

Ever wondered how rebranding works? 99designs Engineering Manager John Barton conveys how to rebrand efficiently and correctly.
Ariel Elkin, Feb 15

Editorial: Which Planet of the Apps Are We On?

If you haven’t heard that Apple is launching a TV show about app-making, then, I wonder… which planet you’re living on? The trailer for the new show promises the following: In every episode, app developers work to earn millions of dollars in venture capital investment. It begins with a pitch to four of the world’s most culturally influential entrepreneurs. […]. It all leads to a final pitch with one of the hottest venture capital firms on the planet. The developer community’s reception, so far, has been negative. Rock Star Developer and maker of Instaper Marco Arment tweeted: I’m sure Planet of the Apps will be a great show for all of those people who bug developers with their awful ideas. But actual developers… Well, this likely has about as much relevance to reality as most “reality” shows. Aside from the fact that judging a show purely by its trailer is, shall we say, unwordly, I say: Think different, content-creation is an avenue that Apple has much exploration to do in, and they have the resources required for it (visibility, money, domain knowledge, and talent). Consider this an experiment. Worst case scenario; mobile apps gain more visibility. Best case scenario? The perceived value of apps and your job becomes higher. You’d be automatically promoted from Rock Star to Rock Legend.
Kushagra Gour, Feb 15

Web Maker, an Offline, Browser-based CodePen Alternative

Kushagra Gour introduces Web Maker, a browser extension for front-end developers needing a blazing-fast, offline web playground.
George Martsoukos, Feb 15

Quick Tip: User Sortable Lists with Flexbox and jQuery

George Martsoukos shows how to build a simple Flexbox and jQuery plugin which sorts elements based on the values of their custom data attributes.
Ivan Mushketyk, Feb 15

The Dangers of Race Conditions in Five Minutes

A race condition occurs when multiple threads mutate shared state such that the outcome depends on how exactly the threads' operations interleave.
Craig Buckler, Feb 15

How to Use Mobile Emulation Mode in Chrome

A quick look at how to enable Chrome's useful new Emulation Mode to emulate dozens of mobile devices.
Design & UX
Jason Lengstorf, Feb 15

How to Overcome All Your Fears Without Being Brave

 Why are we afraid of safe things, and cheerfully cavalier about things that are actually dangerous? Science (and Jason) has some useful suggestions.
Tiffany Brown, Feb 15

CSS Pseudo-classes: Styling Elements Based on Their Index

CSS also provides selectors for matching elements based on their position in the document subtree. These are known as child–indexed pseudo-classes.
Aaron Agius, Feb 14

10 Unexpected Ways to Get Recognized as Your Industry’s Authority

Aaron Agius looks at strategies entrepreneurs, developers and others can use to build influence and authority in their industries.
James Kolce, Feb 14

How to Build and Structure a Node.js MVC Application

In this tutorial, James Kolce shows how to create a note-taking app using Hapi.js, Pug, Sequelize and SQLite. Learn to build Node.js MVC apps by example.