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Testing Skype Bots

In this video we’ll show how to use the <a href="https://ngrok.com/">ngrok</a> inspection tool. We'll also cover how to configure the VS...
Esteban Herrera, 21 hours ago

Build Native Apps in the Browser with Configure.IT

Chris Ward looks at Configure.IT, a service that allows you to build native mobile applications in the browser.
Chris Ward, Jan 17

Use Future Proof CSS Today with PostCSS

Use tomorrow’s CSS syntax, today with PostCSS and the <a href="http://cssnext.io/">cssnext</a> plugin pack. Tools like Sass have...
Thomas Greco, 6 days ago

Setting Up an Elm Environment

Every developer will have their own development setup; perhaps a different one for each language they use, or maybe they just vim all the...
Jeff Schomay, Dec 19

Kotlin Techniques that Improve Your Android Code

Kotlin is a general purpose language. It compiles to Java bytecode. Kotlin is developed by the company JetBrains which makes IntelliJ IDE....
Abbas Suterwala, 2 hours ago
Back End

Python Package Management with pip

One of Python's biggest strength is the ease of transferring a development environment to a different machine, which is facilitated...
Shaumik Daityari, Dec 14
Design & UX

Dark UX: Dirty Tricks and Tactics to Avoid in 2017

Like most people, I was glued to my screens the night of November 8, 2016. The New York Times was my go-to media outlet for election...
Aja Frost, 4 hours ago

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