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Use Future Proof CSS Today with PostCSS

Use tomorrow’s CSS syntax, today with PostCSS and the <a href="http://cssnext.io/">cssnext</a> plugin pack. Tools like Sass have...
Thomas Greco, 22 hours ago

Property Based Testing with Javaslang

Learning property based testing, or property checking, using Javaslang and the FizzBuzz Kata.
Gregor Trefs, 3 days ago

Setting Up an Elm Environment

Every developer will have their own development setup; perhaps a different one for each language they use, or maybe they just vim all the...
Jeff Schomay, Dec 19
Back End

Python Package Management with pip

One of Python's biggest strength is the ease of transferring a development environment to a different machine, which is facilitated...
Shaumik Daityari, Dec 14

Elastic and On Demand - Why Influx Is the Solution for Customer Support

We chat to Influx's CMO Alex Holmes about how Influx is the solution to the customer support industry, plus his best advice for emerging...
Aleczander Gamboa, 3 days ago

Processing MediaRecorder Data

Using the MediaRecorder API, it’s possible to capture audiovisual input from the user’s machine. We will write a Darth Vader voice changer...
James Wright, Dec 13
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Design & UX

4 Ways to Turn Your Site Into Your Best Salesperson

Talented salespeople are a wonderful asset to business but they don't come cheap. Aja has 4 ways to permanently increase your website...
Aja Frost, 3 days ago

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