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SitePoint Themes, Dec 07

Fluid Video Aspect Ratio with CSS and Element Queries

Keeping your media fluid in a responsive setting can be challenging. Especially when working with video with a specific aspect ratio....
Tommy Hodgins, Feb 23

Create a Website to Showcase Your Work

Make your next move with a beautiful website from Squarespace. Start your free trial today.

MS Bots in Azure

In this video, we’ll see how to setup the Azure Bot Service, an integrated online environment for bot development. We’ll review the...
Esteban Herrera, Feb 22
Design & UX

Byte: Learning Symbols in Sketch in 1 Minute

Symbols are important design elements in Sketch that help you maintain visual consistency. In this 60 second Byte, we give you a quick...
Daniel Schwarz, Feb 13

Tame Unruly Style Sheets With These Three CSS Methodologies

Maria Antonietta Perna introduces BEM, SMACSS and eCSS, three CSS architecture methodologies to help you write clean and maintainable CSS...
Maria Antonietta Perna, 6 hours ago

Microsoft Cognitive Services and the Text Analytics API

In this video we’ll present the Microsoft Cognitive Services APIs and show how you can use them to detect the sentiment of chat messages...
Esteban Herrera, Feb 09

Java's Binary Search API in Five Minutes

Java offers Arrays.binarySearch and Collections.binarySearch, which perform a binary search on an array or list. Learn how to search and...
Jackie Ng, 6 hours ago

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