M. David Green, Mar 10

The Scrum Contract (Part 2)

In this exclusive excerpt from our book, Scrum: Novice to Ninja, we expand further into the importance of the Scrum Contract.
Jonathan Saring, Mar 10

Managing Code Components with Bit

Jonathan Saring introduces Bit, new OSS distributed code component manager built to make components reusable across repositories, and much more.
Paul Maplesden, Mar 10

How to Create Perfect Client Contracts Using Squarespace Forms

Paul Maplesden shows freelancers how to enhance their client contracts and automate their collection with Squarespace.
Sally Wood, Mar 10

The Best WordPress Photo Plugins for Photographers

Sally Wood shares a collection of some of the best and most trusted photo plugins, to save you wading through the multitude of choices available.
Viraj Khatavkar, Mar 10

Crash Course: Continuous Deployment with Semaphore CI

Viraj takes us through the basic process of setting up Continuous Deployment to a DigitalOcean server by means of Semaphore CI. Exciting!
Simon Ritter, Mar 10

Is An Agile Java Standard Possible?

In recent years Java's evolution came to more heavily rely on JEPs. Simon Ritter explains how that can make Java's development more agile.
Tiffany Brown, Mar 09

Learn about CSS Architecture: Atomic CSS

What exactly is Atomic CSS, and how do you use it? We give the lowdown through this exclusive excerpt from our book, CSS Master.
Akshay Sachdeva, Mar 09

10 of the Best Hosted eCommerce Platforms

We look at ten of the best hosted eCommerce platforms and tell you what you need to know to make a decision.
Elio Qoshi, Mar 09

Interview with Kris Borchers, JS Foundation Executive Director

Elio Qoshi is joined by Kris Borchers, JS Foundation Executive Director, to talk about the organization's beginnings, current projects and what lies ahead.
Alexis Goldstein, Mar 08

HTML5 Forms: Input Types (Part 1)

Learn about the different input types in HTML5 Forms, in this exclusive excerpt published from our book, HTML5 & CSS3 for the Real World, 2nd Edition.
Design & UX
Dan Goodwin, Mar 08

How Writing Our Book Taught Us About Killer Prototyping

What’s changed is that we’re aiming to use prototyping to explore design problems in all projects that we work on by default.
Indrek Ots, Mar 08

Java's If Statement in Five Minutes

If statements are used to conditionally run blocks of code. They're an essential tool for controlling the flow of a program
Tim Jenks, Mar 08

Building Gorgeous 3D Maps with eegeo.js and Leaflet

Display 3D maps in just a few lines of code and overlay data from a 3rd-party API. Tim Jenks creates a dynamic map of the London Underground with eegeo.js
Design & UX
Alex Walker, Mar 08

Introducing Portfolio WordPress Theme – and the Design Decisions Behind it

Good design comes down to 3 or 4 fairly simple decisions at the beginning of a project – and then just carrying them through.
Klevis Davidhi, Mar 08

UICollectionView DataSourcePrefetching Example and Explanation

Recently, Apple announced a new UICollectionViewDataSource protocol extension called UICollectionViewDataSourcePrefetching. This extension makes it possible to implement two new functions that deliver a completely smooth scrolling performance. This tutorial will show you how to use it. Open Xcode and create a new project based on the Single View Application template. Before you do anything else, in order to improve the appearance of our application ,select the view and choose Editor -> Embed In -> Navigation Controller. Now drag a Collection View from the Object Library onto the view canvas and adjust its size . Notice that into the Collection View is one reusable cell , so click under the Attributes Inspector and give this cell an Identifier, let’s call it foodCell. Drag an UIImageView onto it and adjust its size to fit the content.
Design & UX
Daniel Schwarz, Mar 08

4 Nerdy Companies That Have Used 99designs

Many nerdy tech companies have used 99designs to obtain a great logo. Here are a few of the best — with a look at how their briefs ensured quality results.
M. David Green, Mar 07

The Scrum Contract (Part 1)

Take a look at how web and mobile development teams work with the various features of scrum, in this excerpt from our book, Scrum: Novice to Ninja..
M. David Green, Mar 07

Tech Stacks, Frameworks, Being Creative, and Being Real, with Tim Holman

In this episode of the Versioning Show, David and Tim are joined by Tim Holman, a web experimenter and member of the CodePen team.
Artem Tabalin, Mar 07

Create Offline Web Apps Using Service Workers & PouchDB

Artem Tabalin teaches you to build offline web apps using Service Workers for client-side caching and PouchDB to store data locally and sync to a server DB.
Tom Hodgins, Mar 07

How We Built EQCSS & Why You Should Try Building Your Own Polyfills Too

Tom Hodgins recounts how they put together EQCSS and shares why he believes all web developers should try building their own polyfills.
Bob Lee, Mar 07

Pass Data with NSNotification between ViewControllers in Swift 3

This article was originally published at iOS Geek Community. Today, let’s talk about how and why we use NSNotification to pass data and communicate/notify between classes and structs. By the way, NSNotification, unlike its name, has nothing to do with Push Notification — rookie mistake 101 (me). Yes, there are many ways to pass data in Swift: Delegate, Key-Value Observing, Segue, and NSNotification, Target-Action, Callbacks. However, each one has its own pros and cons. They are like dining utensils. For example, I wouldn’t use chopsticks — although it’s pretty darn good — to drink soup. Since there are many, I’m only going to cover one at a time, and I will going to mention why you should spoons instead of chopsticks along the way. It doesn’t make sense to tell the differences between chopsticks and knives before I have used both.
Bruno Skvorc, Mar 07

Covering Laracon: Are Online Conferences Introvert Heaven?

Laracon: the official Laravel conference, is online in this edition. Let's talk about online vs offline conferences, and how they help / hinder networking!
Arnaud Roger, Mar 06

Deep Dive into Java 9's Stack-Walking API

Introduction to Java 9's stack-walking API. Learn how to use the StackWalker, its options, and its performance characteristics.
James Hibbard, Mar 06

What Is the Best Book for Learning JavaScript?

What is the best book for learning JavaScript? James Hibbard presents 3 of his favorites, outlining their target audiences & their strengths and weaknesses.