Michael Ye, May 17

Succeeding with Mobile Ads

For most developers, there comes a time when they need to evaluate theirmonetization approach and decide whether having in-app advertisements is theright fit for their app. If the answer is yes, and they want to move forwardwith ads, the next step is to evaluate what advertising mediation platformmakes sense for them to integrate. What is an Ad Mediation Platform? An ad mediation platform, simplifies advertising by allowingpublishers to integrate with a variety of ad networks or demand-sideplatforms (DSP) to maximize eCPM. These ad providers are placed on a waterfall,and will serve ads according to various thresholds you set. The greatestbenefit of using a mediator is that you only have to integrate any ad unitonce. Adding a new ad provider is as easy as adding a new SDK to your build.gradle or Podfile,and then adding adapter files. The mediation SDK will then use reflection to invoke our adapter files, which in turninvoke its respective ad SDK to display the ad. Choosing which specific platform to use will depend on many factors suchas: platform support (iOS, Android, Unity), ad unit type availability (banner,interstitial, video), community support, and open-sourcing of client-side code.Some popular platforms include: MoPub, AerServ, Fyber,and AdMob.
Design & UX
Daniel Schwarz, May 17

IDEO Font Map: A Faster Way to Find the Best Google Fonts

In this quick tip, Daniel Schwarz shows us how to use a machine learning font map to find the perfect Google Font, in the fastest way possible.
M. David Green, May 16

CSS Animation, Prototyping Tools, and Sources of Inspiration, with Donovan Hutchinson

In this episode of the Versioning Show, Tim and David are joined by Donovan Hutchinson, a developer, teacher and proprietor of
Larry Alton, May 16

The 2 Secrets to Successfully Selling Online Courses

The e-learning industry is booming, expected to be worth $240 billion by 2023. Larry Alton looks at two themes among successful online course ventures.
James Kolce, May 16

The Anatomy of a Modern JavaScript Application

New to JavaScript, or been away for a while? Learning modern JavaScript can be overwhelming. James Kolce takes a look at the main concepts you need to know.
Asha Laxmi, May 16

A Walkthrough of CSS Length Units You Can Use for Font Size

Asha Laxmi walks you through the CSS length units you have at your disposal to size fonts like a pro: from pixels to ems, rems, viewport units and more.
Ada Ivanoff, May 16

Top 10 Free Bootstrap Themes For Mobile

Design & UX
Alex Walker, May 16

The Top 9 Animation Libraries for UI Designers in 2017

Animation is a part of a UI designer's job in 2017. Here are the 9 animation libraries we think deliver the most power for smallest file size.
Graham Cox, May 15

Building your Front End with Maven: Simple Resources

Learn how to process your resource files with Maven, be it templated files, conversion of LESS/SCSS to CSS or of Markdown/Ascissdoc to HTML.
Nilson Jacques, May 15

Modern JavaScript Development Is Hard

Has JavaScript become overly complicated? In this editorial, Nilson Jacques responds to those who are unhappy with the state of modern web development.
Craig Buckler, May 15

How to Create Custom WordPress Shortcodes for Your Editors

WordPress shortcodes provide a quick and simple way to add advanced page functionality without relying on editors to edit raw HTML. Craig explains how.
Bruno Skvorc, May 15

Can You Build a CLI Image Drawing Laravel App with These Packages?

This time, we look at a package that lets us interactively add code to Laravel from the command line, an image drawing package, and much more.
Bruno Skvorc, May 13

Getting Started with PHP

PHP - the server-side programming language powering over 80% of the web - is now at version 7.1. Bruno shows us how to get started with PHP.
Digital Marketing by WooRank
Greg Snow-Wasserman, May 12

6 Common Mistakes That Tank Content Marketing

Are your content marketing efforts falling flat? Greg Snow-Wasserman looks at six of the most comment content marketing mistakes.
Younes Rafie, May 12

PDS Skeleton by Example: A Standard for File and Folder Structure

Younes explores PDS-Skeleton, a new idea in the PHP world aiming to standardize file and folder layouts of packages and apps. No more "where's that class?"!
Ado Kukic, May 11

Easy AngularJS Authentication with Auth0

Ado Kukic shows how to use Auth0 (a universal identity platform) to add authentication to an API & send authenticated requests to it from an Angular app.
Craig Buckler, May 11

Your Domain Name: Do You www or Not?

Your primary website domain can be served on an address without the 'www' so is it necessary? Craig discusses the pros, cons and technical solutions.
Paul Swanson, May 11

7 Trending WordPress Ecommerce Themes of 2017

Are you searching for the best ecommerce theme for your WordPress site, or for a client? Take a look at our 7 recommended ecommerce themes of 2017!
Adrian Try, May 11

Interview: How to Teach Audio Skills with WordPress

Björgvin Benediktsson runs an audio training business using WordPress. In this interview, Adrian Try asks about his goals, plugins and hosting.
Design & UX
Daniel Schwarz, May 11

Figma or Sketch: Who Wins the War on Multiplayer Design?

Daniel Schwarz reviews three options for bringing multiplayer design collaboration into your team workflow. Let's find out which is best for your team.
Ipseeta Priyadarshini, May 10

Top 5 PaaS Solutions for Developing Java Applications

Which are the best PaaS solutions available in the market for Java applications? A brief description of the top 5 PaaS providers with their pros and cons.
Michaela Lehr, May 10

Building a Full-Sphere 3D Image Gallery with React VR

Virtual Reality is set to change the way we use computers and the web. Michaela Lehr shows you how to use React VR to declaratively create 3D applications.
Jacco Blankenspoor, May 10

How to Secure WordPress with SSL

Interested in getting an SSL certificate for your WordPress website? You have several options to secure WordPress and your user data - take a look!
Prosper Otemuyiwa, May 10

The Ultimate Guide to Deploying PHP Apps in the Cloud

In this in-depth tutorial, we'll look at all the various cloud hosting providers for PHP, and deploy the same app on ALL of them. It's really not hard!