2004 – Open Source Year in Review

By Blane Warrene

The year in review looks at some of the key developments in 2004 that could impact on a large scale AND more importantly squarely impact web professionals.

While there were dozens of people, programs and events that could be reviewed – I selected these as they first have a big impact on non-web professionals (namely current and prospective customers) that can have very positive results for your business.

As open source mainstreams to corporate folk, it becomes that much easier to build open source solutions into your proposals, opening up bidding for larger clients where perhaps software licensing issues kept you away in the past.

  • Interesting article on open source.

    I like the idea of Creative Commons creating a voluntary “some rights reserved” copyright rather than “all right reserved”.
    I appriciate who are working for entire community, not just for the pocket.

  • 2004 is the wiki year in my opinion.

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