20 Places to Find Your Next Web Development Job

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As the world economy continues to look shakier by the day, and major corporations have begun to trim work forces, it might not be such a bad idea to start looking for a new job. Sites like Craigslist, Monster, and HotJobs have a lot of listings, but they’re not well filtered. Searching for jobs on those sites can be a crap shoot, and many of the best job offers aren’t posted on those mega sites.

The hot trend for job search these days is smaller, niche job boards. We’ve collected a list of 20 of our favorites that cater to jobs for programmers, web developers, designers, and social media experts. People are still hiring right now, you just need to know where to look. Our list is presented in no particular order below.

  1. SitePoint Marketplace – SitePoint’s Marketplace may be best known as the web’s premier place to buy and sell web sites, but it also has a great “Looking to Hire” section where you can find plenty of web development, design, and writing jobs.
  2. 37signals Job Board – The wild success of the 37signals job board arguably is what sparked the job board craze. It mainly focuses on programming and design jobs, though also attracts some business/executive jobs and copywriting positions. The 37signals job board is syndicated to design magazine A List Apart and to the official Ruby on Rails site, and has a companion gig board for smaller, one-off jobs.
  3. CrunchBoard – TechCrunch was one of the first big blogs to add a job board, and has done so with great success. CrunchBoard tends to attract a lot of business/exec and programming jobs.
  4. ReadWriteWeb Job Board – Every blog has a slightly different core audience and will attract a different set of employers. There may be some overlap, but you should definitely try to identify which job board’s employers mesh most with the position you’re trying to attain. ReadWriteWeb’s job board tends to attract mostly web development job offers.
  5. Ajaxian Job Board – Ajaxian’s is a web developer heavy job board, though it’s not as JavaScript centric as you might guess.
  6. Krop – Krop is a huge job board for web design jobs (though you’ll find some copywriting and project management jobs mixed in on occasion), that is syndicated to a long list of great design sites, such as morgueFile, COLOURlovers, and Think Vitamin. The list of syndication sites guarantees that employers will continue to use Krop and it will always have a good selection of jobs for you to choose from.
  7. Authentic Jobs – Cameron Moll’s Authentic Jobs is another great graphic design job board that is syndicated to top design sites. Listing partners include 456 Berea Street, IconBuffet, and Subtraction.
  8. Ars Technica Job Board – Ars Technica is one of the most widely read tech sites on the Internet. The good news is that means their job board is hopping with great listings, the bad news is that also means the competition is fierce. Ars Technica’s job board is very programming and IT centric.
  9. Zend Job Board – Zend operates a job board specifically geared toward PHP programming jobs, and as a result is one of the best places to find PHP-specific work.
  10. CenterNetworks Job Board – A year ago CenterNetworks was a web 2.0 blog known mostly by those close to the web 2.0 scene. Now, proprietor Allen Stern has built it into one of the top-tier web 2.0 blogs on the Internet. As a result, the job board has become a great place to find work at web 2.0 companies, especially those in the New York area.
  11. Freelance Switch Job Board – If you’re a freelancer looking for design and development gigs, the Freelance Switch job board might be a great place to start.
  12. Smashing Magazine Job Board – Over the past two years, Smashing Magazine has risen to become one of the most popular web development blogs on the net. Their job board is this as popular with employers as their site is with readers, and there is a steady stream of programming and design jobs posted there.
  13. Boxes and Arrows Job Board – Monthly web development magazine Boxes and Arrows operates a popular job board that attracts a lot of UX and design listings.
  14. Coroflot Jobs – Designer portfolio site Coroflot runs a popular job board for design, art, and advertising jobs. About 15 new jobs are added every day to the site, so check back daily.
  15. MetaFilter Job Board – News site MetaFilter also operates a job board. It’s a fairly eclectic mix of listings, but generally attracts mostly web development want ads.
  16. Fresh Web Jobs – A job board for web development jobs, the site offers a bookmarklet for job seekers allowing them to save jobs from other sites and job boards to their account on Fresh Web Jobs.
  17. Social Media Jobs – This is possibly the best place to look for jobs in the new fields of social media and online community management.
  18. Slashdot Job Board – Slashdot’s job board was slapped onto the site as an afterthought, so it doesn’t get as many listings as you might think a site of that size would. Because of the street cred that Slashdot has, however, it does attract a handful of top-quality IT and programming jobs.
  19. SearchWebJobs.com – A whole bevy of CSS gallery sites syndicate jobs listed on SearchWebJobs.com, which makes it a great place to find web design work.
  20. ProBlogger Job Board – There is no better place to find paid blogging jobs than the ProBlogger job board.

Have we missed any good job boards out there? Let us know in the comments.

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