20 Logo Designs Featuring Animal Symbols

By Jennifer Farley

Logo designs can be loosely broken into three categories:

  1. Text Only
  2. Text and Symbols
  3. Symbol Only

This post is a mini showcase of logos which fall into categories two and three, with the symbols in question being animals.

So without further ado, for your viewing pleasure and design inspiration here are some little known and some well known logo designs.





A frizzy cat for Gatto Picante


The Wolf


Insomnia Land


A unicorn is a kind of animal…


Wild Serbia


Sullivan Accounting


Creative Atelier


El Raco


Famous Logos

Here are a few more animal logos that many of us are fairly familiar with.



Not entirely unlike the Puma logo, is the Jaguar logo which has gone through some subtle changes over the years.


Another car manufacturer, the famous prancing horse of Ferrari. My next car.




“Wax before you ride” with Turtlewax.


The HMV logo with Nipper the dog today, and how it all began.

hmv-new VictorTalkingLogo

The Laughing Cow with nice cheese earrings.


The Playboy bunny created by Art Paul.


The Qantas logo featuring a kangaroo has been around in one form or another since 1944 and was redesigned in 2007 by Hulsbosch.


And finally one of my all time favorite logos, the beautiful World Wildlife Fund with the giant panda.


I have undoubtedly missed out on plenty of famous animal symbol logos, feel free to add to the list. Have you seen any nice new logos featuring animals recently?

  • benvolio

    penguin publishing has to be one of the most famous.

  • woowoowoo

    the Melbourne zoo logo (gorillas) has been around for a while now, but still hangs together quite well – makes a nice family of designs with the VORZ and Healesville logos.

  • Alex

    Good list. Someone else I recently came across who deserves a mention –

  • jamieappleseed

    Love the “insomnia” logo.

    I’ll underscore @benvolio though, Penguin is waaay up there.

  • Jennifer Farley

    Hi guys, completely forgot about penguin. Great example.

  • Jahangir

    Good collection. The “Milica Sekulic” logo is really great.

    I have also collected 10 creative logos with hidden animals. You can find my post here


    Hi…just want clarify that WWF originally stood for “World Wildlife Fund”.However, in 1986, WWF had come to realize that its name no longer reflected the scope of its activities, and changed its name to “World Wide Fund For Nature”.The United States and Canada, however, retained the old name…see detail here

  • abdulaziz

    thanks for the post I like the logos. but dont you think that you missed one important logo ! twitter bird :)

  • nrg_alpha

    How about logos like:

    – MGM (lion)
    – Linux (penquin)
    – Smokey bear (only you can prevent forest fires – which we now know is a lie because of sweltering heat bush fires – like in California)
    – Discovery Channel’s Animal Planet (elephant)
    – Miami Dolphins
    – Camel Cigarettes (I don’t endorse smoking)
    – louisville cardinals
    – Jacksonville Jaguars
    – Kellog’s Frosted Flakes (Tony the tiger.. theiiiiiirrrr greeeeeat!)
    – Kellog’s Tucan Sam (fruit loops)
    – Trix (Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids)
    – Coco Puffs (not sure what kind of bird that was though)
    – honeycomb sugar crisp (I’m hungry for cereal all of a sudden)
    – Dodge Ram
    – Ford Mustang
    – San Hose Sharks

  • albert.ginger

    I like “Turtlewax”

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