20 Inspiring, Unusual Business Card Designs

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With the new year shortly upon us, many like to take the opportunity to declare some new year’s resolutions. Perhaps you’re not a person who worries about new year’s resolutions (I, for one, am not), but it doesn’t mean that you can’t lead yourself into a bit of change. Instead of creating a new year’s resolution, why not take the opportunity to reinvent yourself as a designer? You don’t have to revamp everything, but a few careful improvements can go a long way, even if you settle on simply redesigning your business cards. Like your websites, portfolios, and CVs, your business card should take on a new look every once and a while to refrain from becoming stale and boring. Below, you can find some high-quality, unorthodox card designs that will hopefully inspire you to make some small changes that have the potential for big results.

Sketchy Pictures

Dreamten Studio


Mark Karwowski 

Megdalane Aron 


Luciano Balzano 


Diesel Design

London 2012

David Fernandez Huerta 

DJ Mohit

Mondo Robot


Tatsuya Aoki

Impact Salon

Monsteractive Studio

Tyrone Menezes

PosiMachine Studio

Dylan Dylanco


Despite the popular opinion that business cards have to follow a standard format and style, your business card design possibilities are almost endless. From eco-friendly business cards to laser cutouts and more, redesigning your business card for the new year can certainly yield fantastic results. Be creative in the coming new year and reap the benefits.

What’s your favorite card design out of the bunch? Do you design your own cards or send them off to have someone create them for you?

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