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By Joel Falconer

20 Dark Websites For Your Inspiration

By Joel Falconer

Dark websites can be hard to pull off. Making content readable, for one thing, can be difficult — we’re often reminded that black on white is the most readable setup. It’s also harder to pull off space without the whitespace, making poorly considered designs look claustrophobic. But these twenty designers have made it work. Take a look at their designs and jot down some ideas for your next dark website design.

James Garner


Moksha Design Studio

Private Grave

Colmar Brunton


Stesha Doku

Eric Steuten

Jonah L

Ekin Yalgin

JOS Creative Studio

Bristol Street Art

Kike Riesco


Scribble & Tweak

Todd Adams

Nue Media

Bond Makeover

Mr. Henry

Mathieu Clauss

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  • I worked as a Developer (but not designer) on this Dark website – – some days I think it is very effective but other times I’m not sure. Any views. (Not an attempt to link build – I assume comment will be nofolllow)

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    • Tom

      It is very hard on the eyes, and is hard to read.

  • Some nice examples…

  • Robert Salstrand

    The colors on top of black, is stunning and powerful

  • Sagar Ranpise

    Nice set of websites! I too have created few sets on inspirational websites. I hope you like it!

  • Good stuff. They are really attractive and inspiring……….

  • Since the dark is the symbol of fashion and elegance, the websites having dark theme looking attractive most of the time,of course other style related aspects should be good.Thanks for sharing this collection……….

  • The black is considered as the standard of any class.All the dark sites that are in this collection are looking highly standard.good collection………

  • adumpaul

    Nice collection of some dark websites.Thank you for sharing.

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  • Jon

    Try this one, for a ‘dark’ website:

    The neat thing about SoundAwesome is that, if you’re a member and you don’t like dark …. change it.

  • Moksha’s, Eric Steuten’s, and Kike Riesco’s designs look very cool. Really changed my colour preferences

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